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Pray it forward

I had no idea what I was in for. I mean, I've been to a sauna before - but this was meant to be a tiny hut on the ground you sweat in for over 2 hours (I never lasted longer than about 10 minutes!) and get to temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius! THIS IS NOT WHAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE!

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Dr Ezzie Spencer - on levels of mastery, commitment to growth, and achieving from YIN.

You may remember about a year ago, I introduced you to a very special woman in my life. How beautiful, and special, that today, on International Womens Day, I get to reintroduce you to her, to go deeper on what we spoke about, after her beautiful book, Lunar Abundance, has been in the world for a year now.

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How I met my man. (A universal law to attract anything you want...)

This is a testimonial to life. Life taught me to follow my gut many years ago. When I look back, this is precisely how I met my man, got into flow, and started living my dream. Here's to universal laws, they're true blue!

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