Who Am I?

High energy + world champion + life coach for those near or at the top of their game



I speak the language of elite level performers, because I am one. 

It takes a very special kind of superfreak to coach another superfreak. 

There are only a few people on the planet who understand the language of success and high performance, and who can speak it from real-world depth of experience.

Books will teach you that language, but it’ll never compare to the visceral experience of who you become when you travel the entire world on your own and almost die in a sanctioned country where nobody knows you’re there… or you muscle up the courage to leave an abusive relationship and call the cops on someone you love… or you take your income to a life-changing new level… or you support someone you love through a terminal illness… or go through one yourself and heal, and see the world in a completely new way, or you learn the secrets to getting to the top of your game 9 times over, until it doesn’t excite you any more.

It’s only those who have been through the eye of the needle (the good, the bad, the ugly and the outrageous) to create something impossible, enviable, crazy, and strange to most of the world - who “get” the pressure and isolation and hilarity that come with it.

A lot of success comes at a level of sacrifice people neither see nor understand. 

A lot of the greatest success comes from the tiniest shifts.

A lot of the great changes the world have seen, began when a superfreak made it desirable.

And, when you’re at the very top, there’s another problem too. You need to stay stimulated or else it gets very boring (something I am allergic to), but it’s easy to avoid without drama when you know how.

I can’t not do what I do.

It’s the only career I’ve ever truly had, despite being a film and TV actress, world champion martial artist and Interior Architect for years at different points in my life.

Your purpose isn’t your vocation. Your purpose is that thing you do no matter where you are. It’s where all your conversations naturally drift. It’s what you enjoy most when you don’t know you’re entertaining yourself. It’s the energy you bring to any job, no matter what it is.

Reminding superfreaks how powerful they are when they let the world see them… that’s mine.

I can’t not do it.

When you hang out with me, be prepared to feel more powerful than you’ve ever felt… and probably get up to some life-changing mischief.


Most people know me as the winner of 9 Karate world titles in my career as a martial artist.

I broke two world records. And I achieved my third dan Black belt in record time.

I have a degree in interior architecture. I built a career rearranging the structure of entire buildings to make them stronger and more beautiful.

I won numerous scholarships and awards during my university years because of my ability to get everything done, and perform at an elite level in my sport while doing it.

And I've been a Leadership Consultant to high level leaders—successful athletes, performers and entrepreneurs—for over a decade.

But what most people don't know is that I've paid a high price to be a leader and a trailblazer in the past.

Most people can’t relate to what it takes to get somewhere that seems so impressive on the outside. They say they want it… but I know most people would not be willing to do what it takes if they knew.

At age 15 I won my first Karate World Championship. At age 17 I won my first open weight black-belt Karate world title and broke a world record. I was thrust into the limelight as a leader. And I learned a lot about the high price you pay to get to, and stay, at the top.

i filter for superfreaks.

I am terrible at helping people who are beginners because so much of what I do is intuitive, and focused on a vision so big it goes over people’s heads. But put me in front of someone at the top of their game, and I can see (and will boldly tell them) with crystal clarity the tiniest thing that they could do to shift their performance that will revolutionise their results exponentially.

Superfreaks know, and crave, this kind of feedback and connection with a coach. I give them the inch, and the extra mile is addictive.

Here are some other things you might be interested to know about me:

  • I used to be an actress, and a singer. I have performed in musicals, at weddings, funerals, late night in pubs, on television, and in a feature film.

  • I live in a very isolated part of Australia, by choice. I am exceptionally picky with where and who whom I give my energy. Expansive ocean views, rolling hills, sunsets, star gazing, and mountain vistas are to me, what city skylines, late nights and bright lights are to my clients (although, they often confess they wish they lived in the country!)

  • My love (Jamie) and I met on tinder one fated wednesday morning. He lived a 24 hour drive away from me & was in my town for 24 hours, and I was on tinder for 24 hours. We live in a rustic shed converted into an apartment on the inside, and we’re about to move north to build an off-grid, straw bale home. We’re both passionate about climate change and sustainable, affordable, beautiful living.

  • My words affect huge change. I have, on multiple occasions, called out world-renowned leaders (people you have probably heard of) for being shit humans, having shit policies, or not living in integrity - and it has changed the direction of their companies, policies, and profits for the long term.

  • Often by request, my friends make me put on an irish accent, because it has them in stitches. I also do a terrible (awesome) Celine Dion impersonation.

  • Occasionally, my confidence comes off to people as arrogance. I’m totally ok with that, for two reasons. Firstly, because to those I come off as arrogant to, these are not my people. Secondly, because my confidence comes from a very true, deep place in my heart - so the word arrogance doesn’t trigger me. It’s not arrogance if it’s true. ;)

  • On the topic of confidence, I can sniff out the fake kind of arrogant - with a big mouth, and no real confidence - a mile away. These people avoid me at all costs because they know I can see right through them, and I’m an integrity titan that will call them straight out

  • I am more comfortable in a third world country with people who appreciate the value of a single pen, than being in a city surrounded by people who want to complain about the economy or the weather. The former understand what it truly means to be alive, and happy.

  • Sometimes when people meet me they have no idea I was a Karate World Champion, or that I am a life coach at this level, and they have trouble taking me seriously - because instead of having a boring adult conversation about the weather I’m jumping on the trampoline with the kids outside. (These people, who need to take people and life seriously, are also, not my people).

  • I have travelled solo around the world, and run and grown my coaching business from 18 different countries, and counting.

  • I have been called the queen of the nudie run. And I have three words for you. Vatican. City. Rome.

  • When I was 22 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ended up bedridden for 3 years. This diagnosis was like a death sentence at the time, but it has been my greatest gift in creating a business that aligns with my true self.

  • For a period of six years in my 20’s, I was in a relationship with a man who had terminal cancer. He almost died on multiple occasions during the time we were together. Something happens to the shape of your heart when you’re preparing for a loved one to die in your arms for such a long period of time. Death is the only thing that universally teaches us what it means to be alive, and how much love is really all that matters in the end.

  • I often have my clients laughing in the face of serious situations, and during deep healing. I make fun of almost everything. Humour is a massive part of how I do what I do, so well, and so quickly.

  • I’d love to meet you.

Hayley Carr