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If you're not already part of my superfreak community, let me first forewarn you:

This isn't any old download in the hope to sell you something else.

It's a gift.

But I only have one request before you download it.

Please... use it. Carve out time right now, before you download it. Twenty minutes to yourself, once a week whenever it suits you,  (or join me every Friday morning - that's when I do it!), to take yourself somewhere you can think freely, and give yourself the gift of assimilating your thoughts.

This is not a weekly planner.

This is not deepening the roots of the lies we're sold about productivity and consumption. It's the opposite.

This is about you, being deliberate with your thinking, stepping out of the rhythm of the week, and taking a beat to make sure you're still aligned, you're still on track, you're celebrating your wins, and you're dropping what doesn't serve you like a hot potato, and you understand the lessons from your temporary defeats, on the regular.

My secret weapon: used by the highest performing humans on the planet - to ensure you take what you need from life, and leave the rest - on the regular.

And, once you're in, the coaching is on. These questions will bend your thinking, and drip-feed your soul the exact portion of expansion and celebration it needs to take gigantic new steps forward into the life of your dreams - within 90 days.

Again, all I ask, is you use it.

If you're not already a part of my superfreak community, I invite you to tick all three boxes below - it's a legal thing to make sure you're legit.

You'll also receive my far-flung, confronting, inconsistent, spit-your-morning-cuppa-out-through-your-nose musings on life, leadership, love, peak performance, flow, and stories from around the world. Guaranteed to jar your thinking and make you laugh, as well as first dibs on anything I share and have to offer.

I promise you this, too. Everything I write is designed to serve you in some way. Even if we never, ever, ever work together.

See you on the other side!

Stay curious, stay open.
The life you crave is so much closer than you think.

Love, Hayley xo

Hayley Carr, a unique Leadership and Life Coach
Hayley Carr