How to stay on top?

My programs = Transformation


Most coaches have a system, or a process to follow.

I am not most coaches.

You are my program. You do not fit into a system.

I tailor make every coaching experience for the person in front of me.

There’s no curriculum, no system, no structure. Instead, it’s deep, personal transformation. One conversation, one insight, one moment at a time.

I work with people for between one and three years. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

One of my clients is a “lifetime client”. This person has asked me to be her coach for the rest of her life. (My favourite kind of lifelong learning superfreak.)

Transformation is a process, not a pill.

I work with people individually, in groups like the Fierce Salon and the International Women of Mystery, and in tailored corporate programs.

I also run life-changing, luxurious events where my community come together .

When we have a consultation, I will determine the best way we can work together to get you where you want to go.

I also occasionally run live online programs where my community come together from around the world to learn from me about something specific.

Once you become a client of mine, you get to stay in my world for life as part of my private facebook group for clients, the Fierce Collective.

Just a Quick heads-up:

When you work with me, your life will expand in ways far beyond what you came here for. You will create unstoppable, ninja-level confidence, social mastery, elite level performance in everything you do, feel wealthy in the most holistic, abundant sense of the word, experience peak health, and transformational leadership abilities that influence the lives of those you come into contact with for the better, forever.

You will never be pushed to become or do something that isn’t you - rather, I will push you to further play into the extremes of what feels most natural and easy for you. This is why my coaching makes you feel more alive, and aligned, than ever, while taking you to the next level - your next level.

I have one of the most extraordinary communities I know of. When you enter my world, you meet your people. And yes, there are more of them, and they are waiting for you - because like you, they know what it feels like to be alone in a crowd.

If this made you a little nervous and excited…

You may be interested in joining me for some of the shenanigans I’m cutting loose with around the world right now.

Keep reading through this site to make yourself acquainted with what’s available for you and I to do together, alongside from working together 1:1.

When you know what you’re looking for, get in touch.

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Hayley Carr