“I’m not a businessman,

I’m a business, man!

- Jay Z

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Woman in focus for the business of YOU, Hayley Carr Coaching

A “normal” business is like a ball game with a set of rules. You follow the rules, you make some tweaks, you’ll succeed. As long as you have the right mindset, I guess. 

But…when you ARE the business, the rules are, there are no rules. It’s like Fight club… without the fighting. (But definitely with the secrets - like how do some people wake up & get paid to be who they are, and others flail and struggle through feast, famine, and fear?)

Nobody talks about this stuff. 

They put people who ARE a business in the same category as people who are IN a business. And they couldn’t be further apart.

It’s a game that requires a different set of balls (or ovaries if you’re so inclined!)  

YOU are the business, baby - image for The Business of YOU with Hayley Carr

You can’t just step away from yourself (as the business) and let it run itself. You can’t give your genius to someone else to step in and take your place so you can slip away for a second, because they’ll never be you. And you can’t sell it on to someone else to take over and make it rain cash - because the business is centred around… you! (Please also note: some people think this is a down side… they are missing what I’m going to teach you in this dynamic training!)

You also don’t get to walk into the same place at the same time, and go through the motions, day in and day out… and receive a pay check at the end of the week no matter how much time you spent on facebook… oh heck no.

You also can’t expect that you, being the business, are the one who has to do everything, or that by simply having a website and sharing things on instagram, you’ll make money and have a lifestyle that supports your dreams. 


I know - because you’re here - that you’re not interested in just surviving - making “enough”money in business that you just get by. You’re not interested in anything less than thriving. 

That’s why you started a business. 

That’s why you ended up here. Possibly after feeling terrible about not wanting to recite sales scripts because you think you could do it better… possibly after getting caught up in thinking you have to do something special in order to grow an email list and possibly because even though you do get caught up sometimes in hiding behind your computer, it drains you… and you want to experience the world while you make your moolah!

You’re here to vividly and viscerally experience every taste under the sun. You want to travel, to support important causes you believe in, to have nice things for yourself and your family, to have time to be creative and free, a sense of ease in your work, and time in your days to be able to enjoy sunsets and sunrises and unique moments with friends and family - that don’t only come around only once a year when you’re on your Christmas holidays, they happen whenever you decide you want something fun to happen! 

You want to be able to pick up your laptop, or pack a bag and go somewhere with a breathtaking view to write your book, and create your art. 

To be free to conduct your business as a masterpiece - how and where and why you choose, and nothing less.

You want to create from your soul, and sell from your heart. To ditch the marketing plan, sales scripts and copywriting hacks & how-to’s, for a channelled experience of doing your art and being paid to express yourself, just like you wanted to ditch your “secure” job to go backpacking across India so you could get to know yourself before you lost yourself. 

This life I speak of? This is not something reserved only for the rich and famous “influencers” of the world, or people gifted with the privilege of secret knowledge that gets you “ahead” to lifestyle freedom. It’s not something you get to experience once (and only once) you’ve “made it through the slog” or “earned it”. It’s available to you. Now. 

In fact, it’s only ever available to you now.


Most people don’t quite “get” this, but you’re never going to “make it”.

There’s no such thing… for YOU.

You’re a lifelong learner. An eternal grower. Your focus is ever on the horizons. “making it” is a matter of perspective. Even when you do, your sights are set for the next sea.

This is what makes you incredible and different, but it is also your biggest challenge. 

It is not going to come from normal business operations.

It is not going to come from normal business operations.

And so, your business lifestyle, dreams - the hours you work, the rates you charge, the places you travel and work, the causes to which you align, and your dream soulmate clients, do not, can not, must not wait until some precious, reserved moment in time when you’ll have just the right amount of content on your website, or your kid is at a better stage in life, or you’ve lost weight and feel more confident on camera, or until you have the right camera, or even when you’re making six figures, seven figures, whatever.

Getting there requires starting there. 

It’s not going to come from normal business operation. It doesn’t come from having set hours, a gruelling schedule, a business plan as thick as your forearm, a social media marketing manager, the best content strategy on the planet, or even a huge startup amount of money, a slick website, and all the “t’s” crossed. Anyone can do that, you are not anyone. 

You certainly can’t expect that someone who has a "17-step process to ‘making-it’ online” has the answers you need, to be able to help you manage your energy and show up in the way that MOST suits you, so that making money is easy, a no-brainer, energising, and fun for you - meaning you can do it forever. 

A lot of things are the same, but a business that’s not you, is basic. Easy. A set of numbers on a spreadsheet. 

When YOU are the business, your energy can’t be measured with a spreadsheet. Your mindset is the foundational basis of existence, and the key to success. You can’t be replaced or replicated, and the success of your business (of you) depends on knowing more than how to tweak numbers.

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  • It’s about energetic frequency. 

  • It’s about knowing your worth and owning it. 

  • It’s about defining a set of rules unique to you that mean you can play and make money all day, every day, no matter what, at the drop of a hat, and the way you do it is energising for you. 

  • It’s about upgrading your physical world on your own. Not waiting for permission. 

  • It’s about owning your energy. Making money in a way that feels natural to you. No forcing.

  • It’s about defining and deciding how the business runs, or else. 

  • And it’s about playing a game that involves an unseen set of rules, only experienced and felt by a certain few 

And the ones that get it, are the ones who make it. 

Here’s the brilliant thing. 

Not having a regular pay check means you have uncapped income potential. 

Not having an office to go to every day means YOU NEVER HAVE TO WEAR PANTS AGAIN if you don’t want to - and you get to make your money in half the time, or even a quarter of the time.. not wearing pants.

I should really just end this invitation right here - if you don’t get how awesome that is… this might not be for you. ;) 

The problem is not that you don’t know what to do. 

The challenge here is that you don’t see how FREE you are right now.

In the Business of you, you’re going to leverage your freedom to make a difference.

So this is a different kind of “course” 

Because you are the business, this is about the business of YOU. 

No Rules, New Rules, YOUR Rules - with The Business of YOU course with Hayley Carr - Coach

Being you. Making money as you. Taking care of you. 

Having a bucketload of fun, and making money, because you are being paid to be you. 

And finally, experiencing the upgrade from you now, to you, who wakes up every day feeling secure in knowing that she has more than enough money in the bank to take care of herself and her loved ones and anything else she desires or requires, there will always be money left over, and there is always more where that came from, too. 

Someone who feels energised in the act of selling, creating, and serving - because she does so in a way that is aligned with her values, her energy, and her desires - and, with soul-mate clients who need to receive her work in the exact way she delivers it.

Someone who doesn’t need time off, or time on, or to be “on” or “off” in certain situations, because the simple act of being herself, means she shows up unapologetically, and that energy brings precisely what is required to the situation, no matter whether she’s in a corporate meeting, working with clients, acting on screen, behind the scenes with her lover, or hanging out with her extended family. She’s all of herself, everywhere she goes. There is zero effort required to manage expectations or energy. 

She makes money on repeat, simply by being herself. 

This experience of life is not guaranteed for you, just because you are in business. It requires something most people are unwilling to do. Something extra special, that I am going to teach you here. 

Being in business is the first leap. 

I’m going to teach you how to continue leaping (the quantum kind) every day. Hayley Carr walking in the Joshua Tree National Park

In the Business of You, I’m going to teach you how to continue leaping (the quantum kind) every day. 

We’re going to be handling the deep inner work this requires to have you upgrade your consciousness for good, and know how to continue to upgrade it, as well as the outer work required to see the results in your physical reality, so your business is profitable, fun, easy, energising, and sustainable for you - no matter where you’re at in life. 

The Business of You is a 12-week dynamic training in being a sustainable and profitable business for entrepreneurs who ARE their business. You’ll spend 12 weeks in my world, and I’ll show you by example how you being the business, means everything gets more fun.

If you already know you're in….


You are the business.

Through this prism, you can transform the already tired, stuffy online business “advice” and “strategies” - which change every five minutes - to something you know in your bones will work for you, because it’s proven through time, and it’s tailor-made to you.

I use the term Alchemy to describe the elements I’m teaching, because you’re going to transform your relationship with all eight of them - yes, even money, selling yourself, and doing the detailed planning work. I tell my clients I’m like a 5 year old. If it’s not fun, I won’t do it - so expect to be wildly surprised.

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If you’ve ever had a full-time job, your productivity paradigm is out the window. Your business doesn’t pay you for how much you do, but how much impact you have - which changes the rules, and free’s you up, a LOT. 

  • Wealth & Flow consciousness for operating your business 

  • How to create huge visions - bigger visions than you’ve ever had - and follow them, with tinier steps than you’ve ever taken.

  • Remove decision fatigue. 

  • Your Vision. Your why. Your mission. Something  that is bigger than you. What are you aligning to? 

  • How to connect to your purpose / what that is / and how to let your purpose guide every decision you make and the action you take so you don’t have to waste energy with decision fatigue ever again. 

  • How to be more YOU than you’ve ever been. 

  • How to make decisions quickly when you don’t know what you’re doing. 

  • My best productivity hacks for people who are doing it on their own, and who have massive to-do lists.  People without a team.

  • Overcome under-earning, procrastination and avoidance.



When your business is an extension of you, and your mindset is aligned without snags around where you’re going, what your “niche” is, how much you charge, and how to be certain you’re going to deliver 10x the value of what your clients are paying, your business becomes art. Here are some of the insights and strategies for critical thinking that go with it:

Gain perspective on how the larger picture of business works. Hayley Carr Coach.
  • My one-line business plan, and how to create your own.

  • How to get into FLOW consciousness, so you can create a consciousness of wealth, where everything you do makes you money. 

  • What is a Quantum LEAP and how to miraculously make them DAILY. 

  • Exponential vs incremental growth - gain perspective on how the larger picture of business works, so you can make the smaller decisions from a place of wisdom and perspective 

  • Five ways to create more profit in your business (that don’t necessarily require more sales & leads!) 

  • Choosing desires to pull you. Instead of goals to push you.  

  • How to know exactly what to do every morning when you wake up, so you’re not fumbling around wasting time and energy because you’re avoiding the giant to-do list, or not sure which major priority to put your focus on first. 

  • Building brand YOU.

  • Networking - the Hayley way - aka: get paid to be me. 



This module is the perfect mix of mindset, breakthroughs, and practical, real-world business strategy. You gotta have both down pat, in order to skew yourself extremely in the direction of not so much caring about what reality looks like in this moment, and going for what you really want- even when your nearest and dearest are a little freaked out by the idea of “leaving the mainstream”.

  • Cash Flow: I’m going to teach you how to manage it (and give you the spreadsheets you need for true security in business finances. I’ll share the importance of how and why it saved my business, and how it will also hold you back if you only do it alone. And, I’ll show you what else to do too!)

  • How to set goals based on numbers, AND desires, and make sure you’re “coming from” the right place. Your money goals can be out of whack based on what sounds good sometimes. It’s about creating them from a healthy, knowing place.

  • How to think in packages so you have a new perspective of how much things actually cost (or not).

  • Client Payment Tracking. A saviour in being able to remove the fear that the money will run out.

  • Managing Bank Accounts, tax time, and paying yourself properly from the start so your business can support you in leveraging your money in other ways. 

  • How I manage my money on a monthly and weekly basis. 

  • How to stop creating money from a  place of stress - Money strategies.  

  • Trusting Yourself to create money any time, anywhere, no matter what. I’ll let you know something - this lesson right here, is the reason why most people are stressed in business.

  • Having a Money Mindset that breaks the mould of frugal wishing and hoping, and gets you into the power play seat, enjoying seeing the magic of knowing how to “turn the tap on”. 

  • You’ll also get the exact spreadsheets and trackers I use to track my money, income & cash flow every single day. (And of course, they’re sexy too!)



Rest assured, it IS possible for you to have a business that actually energises you and sustains you, instead of being something from which you need a break. This is the part where “being you” is exactly what makes your business a success. If you are not OK, your business will never be OK - because it’s an extension of everything that makes you, well…you. I’m going to teach you how to set up your business around your natural rhythms, your needs, desires, and availabilities, so you never have to wake up feeling sorry for yourself for having work to do that day, and your business doesn’t burn you out - even if t’s a side-gig right now. When your energy is alchemised and aligned with every part of your soul, your business becomes an art that heals. It becomes the thing you wake up for, the reason you are who you are, and a cathartic expression of who you are…

…and you’re paid for it. Pinch me. 

Like a boss for the Business of YOU. Hayley Carr.

You’ll also learn:

  • Psychic Energy management - taking the greatest care of yourself before and after working with clients, shielding, cutting ties and protecting yourself so you’re always a pristine channel for whatever needs to come through. 

  • Incorporating personal down-time as a non-negotiable part of your business and life strategy - how I do it, how you can do it and how it makes you money. 

  • How to map your time around your energy, not your energy around your time! (And again, why this dirty little secret will make you money for the rest of your life). 

  • Setting Boundaries with clients, time, personal space and loved ones to get your work done and still have time to yourself - your business is not your time off plan.

  • The 100 year plan, the 25 year plan, the 90 day plan, the long-game. You’ll know what I mean when you see it, and yes - these are all sexy too. 

  • How to never eat another freaking frog again! Look at your to do list (if you even decide to keep one after this lesson, and enjoy every moment of creating the life and business of your saucy dreams!)

  • My zen business philosophy which pays me in more ways than money, that I learned sitting on a pontoon in the sun on the Turkish sea by an ex mob man in London, (and my second English Dad)

  • The ride or die way to make space in your life for what’s important. (And why it’s better for business)

  • Managing the expectations of your nearest and dearest while you learn and grow and make a fun new relationship with failure. 

  • Growing a team so you can stay in your genius, how to do it before you’re ready 

  • Alchemising & transforming the stories we’ve learned around what business means, what’s possible, what you’re allowed and not allowed to do, and how soon, so you can understand and start living from, your fullest potential as soon as you’re aware of it. 

  • Self-Coaching to assimilate what you learn and caretake the ever-learning, ever-evolving part of you that can’t stop, and you don’t want to stop, but sometimes gets carried away with ideas. ;) 



One of the most common challenges entrepreneurs face is this concept of time, and our relation to it. This lesson is, in my humble opinion, going to blow your freaked mind, and have you wondering what else you can do with the space in your life… before I remind you to fill it with freedom and fun. In this module we’re going to bust through your time paradigms, your fears around running out of time, and, give you the strategies you can use right away to get crystal clear on exactly what to do from the moment you wake up in the morning, to serve the big picture of your business. 

How to book out your calendar a year in advance for business - with Hayley Carr Coach
  • This weird switch in your natural daily rhythm that will have you sustainably making more money in your business - especially when you have kids or energy challenges! 

  • How to book out your calendar a year in advance for business, without feeling burned out or smashed to the walls with no free time for activities. 

  • Why I don’t change my work hours for anyone. (And why this makes me more money! Not less!)

  • Boundary setting that will have you excited to say no. 

  • The Bursting Factor: Understand your creative personality and explore the extremes of it so you can create with energy and ditch the guilt around not being more productive when you see people complete projects. 

  • How to calendar your work around nature, the seasons, your woman’s cycle, and your energy or your desires for time off - without noticing a dip in finances! I spent 3 years earning the same amount of money year after year, working 1/3 of the time each year, using this strategy alone. 

  • My self coaching practise that will give you a simple and applicable 90 day plan, that could move your life lightyears ahead without overwhelm - in 45 days I unexpectedly purchased a new home using this strategy.



When you are your business, you no longer require a place or space to conduct business or create clients for yourself - in terms of having a boardroom, or a bricks and mortar building with your name on it. This module will open you up so far to the hundreds clients right under your nose you never knew were there before, and not how to “get” them, but how to “create” them into high-ticket forever soulmate clients, and die-hard, raving billboard for your business. There are a LOT of truth-bombs dropped here, you will thank me later.

You’ll also learn: 

  • The shift from “getting clients” to “creating” clients that will bring you more leads than you’ve ever had! 

  • The “anti-marketing" philosophy to being a prosperous YOU-business.

  • Ditching your marketing strategy until you have this other piece sorted. 

  • The truth about having clients come easy, and a business where they find you on the internet. 

  • How to stop trying to “get the word out there” and start making real money by creating opportunities every time you open your mouth.

  • How to make high-end proposals, and why high-end proposals for coaches and consultants are a better game to play.  

  • The best way to track your money so you see it grow, and

  • Never stress AGAIN about the weeks you don’t see money coming in. (This is a game-changer that will have you never worrying about money again). 

  • Creating on the spot packages and proposals for clients, specifically tailored to them. 

  • Letting go of the funnel, until it’s time to create one. There are other ways to make money faster before your funnel, that will also make your clients feel like valued people, rather than herded cattle.

  • And finally, how to book yourself out - paid.



Once you’ve done the business part of being you, there’s the delivery part - which can be just as tricky, and for some, scary, or even not as fun as the sales part. In this module, I’m going to share with you the importance of ditching your beliefs about following through and focusing on delighting your current clients instead.

  • The “naked” factor. A secret key to delighting your current and future customers. It requires ovaries of steel, and it’s the difference between first place thinking, and second place thinking. (aka - the top of the top, or the ones who always give up the top spot for someone else). 

  • The secret practise I use to create magic & miracles with clients, every time we speak - even if it’s a random message on the phone. 

  • Helping clients feel like they got the entire investment out of their first session with you, and more. 

  • Giving IT all vs giving YOUR all - How to ensure that while you grow, you never burn out.

  • Serving your clients in a way that lets them know you truly have their back 

  • Satisfying your own desires in a way that helps you serve clients even more powerfully 

  • Doing it for YOU - most people say do it for your clients - but you have to do things in a way that makes YOU feel joy, and it’s infectious. 

  • The art of surprise and delight. And it is an art!



Business gets to a certain point where it’s time to hire people to help you stay in your genius, and not be the one who does all the stuff. It’s a tough transition, and I’m her ego make it easier - hiring can be a nightmare or a dream. Creating the money to pay people to help you create more money in your business can also seem daunting and counter-intuitive… but there are ways! Here’s what I’ll share.

Hiring a team and scaling your business with Hayley Carr Coach
  • Hiring a team and scaling your business. How I did it and it backfired, and how I do it now, and it’s working like a charm. 

  • Understanding process vs project team members - as in, visionaries and integrators, and making sure you’re hiring the right people. (This is where the marketing comes in properly - and it’s not even really needed until here!) 

  • Pivoting your business model so you can start to leverage your time and energy - bringing in more money too. 

  • How to fill a one-to-many model without marketing. 

  • Building a soulmate client community. 

  • Where exponential thinking helps in hiring the right people for the job.


PLUS: You’re going to get a whole lot of bonus support from me to round off your experience too.

Bonuses like: 

  • a morning ritual that will set your senses on fire.  

  • Dealing with the anxiety of running your own business (when you’re also running a family, or it’s a side-hustle, or you have financial pressures, or personal challenges… I got you).

  • How to think workshop: Exponentially / vs incrementally - putting out fires vs NOT (Start Scaling before you’re ready, without HIRING).  

  • How to be the leader, NOW. (5 things you are for, and 5 things you are against) 

  • The one secret that makes the biggest difference to your schedule, and business. Taking holidays & booking time off. . Taking holidays - this should be a non negotiable part of your business plan!

  • Productivity = minimalism. You don’t need to be more organised, you need to DO LESS. Doing what you feel called to do as your to-do list grows (Highly Sensitive) / Doing what moves the needle forward

  • BONUS: Breaking the lineage of how your ancestors have worked before you. (Sometimes we feel terrible that we make money easily and others don’t. Well, even when we made money the hard way, we probably found a way to feel bad. It’s about taking all your big fears, and making them small).  

  • Getting into flow meditation

  • Why / when / how do I bring on a team member, and how to think “expansion” in a technical sense, so the numbers add up logically too.

Blue Horizon.jpg

It’s all in the delivery.

Over the 12 weeks, you’ll receive your trainings live on video, in audio, and via email.

Everything you learn will be sent to your email address, so you can keep and re-access it forever. Simple.

You’ll also be invited to a private facebook group specifically for The Business of You members, which will be open for the duration of the course - and will give you access to meet all the other members, and ask questions.



Business, as a concept, is easy;

it’s a bunch of numbers on spreadsheets.

If that’s all it is though, why do some businesses take off, and become world-changing success stories.. and others struggle through, for years on end, working hard and never really seeing any results to write home about? Simple. 


Mindset is the difference between a business succeeding, and a business becoming a freakin’ expensive hobby. 

Giving yourself permission to up level and take the actions the next-level you would take with Hayley Carr in the Course of Business of YOU.

By mindset, I mean this: 

  • Giving yourself permission to up level and take the actions the next-level you would take. 

  • Knowing where you’re going for the next 25 years and acting from that place - rather than fear of running out of money, and letting your insecurities and immediate challenges stop you from being sustainable.

  • Taking the highest level of care of yourself so you can be sustainably successful over decades, not just months. 

  • Knowing the basics of what to do in business, and making sure it’s done - whether it’s you doing it, or not. 

  • Allowing yourself to exit the drama of situations, or the hype of the running of the business, and to focus on the overall direction and vision for where you’re going, and making decisions from that place - instead of fear, or profits. (Hint: making decisions from fear or profits rarely works out over the long term.) 

On a wild adventure across America last month with my love.

On a wild adventure across America last month with my love.

I’m Hayley Carr. I’m a Life Coach for Superfreaks…

This course is going to teach you how to open up to elite level super freak mindsets that have you being paid for being YOU, exactly the way you naturally are,


This year marks 10 years in business for me. That’s 10 years of “putting myself out there”, failing, succeeding, watching people in my industry come and go, get caught up in trends or completely buck them, elevate everyone around them, and… do the opposite…

I never set out to be a “business coach” or even a coach who coaches coaches. And, it’s reached a time where a LOT of people are asking me how I do the things I do - take time off, get so much done when I technically have chronic fatigue Syndrome, live in the middle of nowhere and attract some of the worlds most influential people as my clients… without doing all the things we’re taught to do in business to be successful… like “work harder than anyone else”. No, thanks.

I have things to say about it. Thats why I created this - like everything I do, I can’t not do it. This is not a business course. YOU are the business. It starts and ends with you. There’s no formula or system or strategy here. Let that liberate you for once. It’s way easier, and way more fun, and sustainable than that. So lean in, and get excited. You are so much closer to everything you want than you realise.

I’ve travelled around the world and run my business from 18 countries and counting. Technically, I’m a digital nomad… except I hate that term. Because I’m me. I create my world. But I am going to teach you how to run your business from anywhere if that’s something you decide to do…

Just last month, my man Jamie was able to quit his job and come on a wild adventure with me across America, where we caught up with friends and family, I got to do some coaching at an event, and we hung out with some of the most incredible coaches on the planet. 

I take a month or two “off” every year, and a week off every month, and I get paid while I’m on holidays too. (Just like a job, except I give myself pay rises whenever I want!).

I’m here to help you leap, without having to do it alone, like I did. 

I’m here to help you leap in a way that is unique to you, and in a way you can use, for the rest of your life, to create anything you want. And by leap, I mean finally start getting paid for that consulting work you’ve been building up content for over months. I mean ask for money for doing the incredible work you do, instead of doing it for free after all this time and secretly feeling resentful you still have a job. I mean raiding your prices and working with less clients so you can finally have time to build a garden, or make some babies, or heck, read your book in a cafe by yourself for once! 

Hayley Carr and Partner Jamie Nicol traveling in USA.

I know you want to have freedom in your day, to be able to work when you want (sleep ins are allowed), where you want (favourite coffee shop with a view, possibly in a new country…), with great people, make a contribution, be able to express yourself however the hell you choose, and make the kinda money that means you can do more of the other things, and have a bit of extra to build your wealth and spoil yourself over time. 

You want it all - and you’re not willing to give up a part of your life you love in order to do so - great - you don’t have to. I’m glad you’re here!

When YOU are the business, it’s a different ballgame. If you’re not ok, your business will be in survival mode. But when you are, everything works like magic. Money flows in, the right information, mentors, and clients show up when you desire, opportunities flow on and on like buses… It’s better than you can plan, and easier than you want to admit to your hardworking friends and family - but you will admit it, because I also know you’re the type who wants to share the love - that’s why you’re here! 

Join me for the next 3 months, and let me show you how fun it can be to create your world from the inside out, and see the results you crave, faster than you may be ready for. I mean it. Are you ok with speeding things up?


We are underway in our current course of the Business of You so please


and we will let you know when we schedule the next

Business of You program




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Hayley Carr in California: Leadership and Life Coach - Hayleycarr.tv.

I’m totally looking forward to scheduling a new course in the Business of You soon.

Any questions? 

Email my team at hola@hayleycarr.tv

Love, Hayley x x

Hayley Carr