Who are you + wHat do you want?

You are the best + you want the best



You’re a winner. A superfreak of sorts. 

Superfreaks: Highly functional, Intuitive, Driven, Sensitive Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives with a wicked sense of humour and a love of learning.

Those at the very top, and those who have decided they are on their way.

And let’s get one thing straight, superfreak: You don’t need me. 

You want me. 

“The one thing people are never good at, is seeing themselves as others see them.”

Eric Schmidt. CEO of Google. Champion for High performers at every level, on having a coach.

You’re one of three types of people I work with:

  1. You’re either sitting at the top of your game, and yet even though you've achieved more than what anyone would ever expect of you, and beyond, you’re not done yet. You’re ready to do more with what you have. You're ready to experience depth with the direction you’re solidly heading.

  2. Or, You’re Feeling the throws of a huge transition and it’s draining you being stuck in the middle

  3. Or, you’ve firmly decided that the top of the game you’re in is where you’ll be very soon, and you’re determined as hell to light up a fire in your life and make it happen.

I am here to help you see what others see, but you can’t see.

You want the best in life, in every way. And you want to be the best you can be. 

You understand that people who perform at an elite level at anything require coaches to support their performance. You want the eyes that can see what you can’t see right now. 

You’re ever curious. Ever optimistic, and a maverick within your circles. In your world, you have reached measurable influence. You know however, you’re only getting warmed up.

You love having that secret, extra trick in your back-pocket that gives you an edge in your field. You’re always one step ahead, on a trail blazed by you. 

You’re willing to go to the moon and back to put yourself in the right places, to get the experience you’re here to have in this one, short life. Your relentless pursuit of swoon-moment experiences is both magnetic and freaky, sometimes seen as frivolous or excessive to others in your world - to you, it’s lifeblood, this adventure.

Shenanigans, and “Shits & Giggles” are a totally legit motivator behind why you do a lot of what you do. Fun is one of your top 5 life values.

You’d fly across the world for love, for learning, and for a damn good time. No hesitations.

You know what the highest of highs feel like, as well as the lowest of lows - and these experiences have shaped the way you see your future forever. These experiences haven’t damaged you - they’ve broken your heart wide open to limitlessness. 

You are fully aware of your privilege and luck simply by the fact that you are lucky enough to be here reading these words, and you want to leverage your unique position in this world right now to do some real good and make a difference to the world you see. You don’t want to waste a moment. You’re operating for all of us on the planet. You have a purpose.

You don’t need motivation, or information. Nor are you interested in incrementally tweaking things. You want direct, accurate, complete, exponential, transformation, elevation, and expression. Intentional, and tailored changes executed with precision that leave you with more time, more money, more happiness, more freedom, and inspiration. Whatever you’re lacking. You want the full shebang. 

You know there’s no point to all the success if you’re not happy, and you won’t be happy unless you’re living in a way that feels FULL for you at every level. This is wealthy.

You’re more interested in actually being rich, than appearing so.

To you, security doesn’t come from a savings account, or guarantees from jobs and partnerships. It comes from a deep knowing that you’re resourceful and you’ll make it, no matter what. 

You’re easily bored and love stretching your limits to keep things fun and interesting. Sometimes you’re hard on yourself for not just sticking to the plan like everyone else. Even though you would never want that life if it was an option. 

Sometimes you create drama in your life, and you’re acutely aware, deep down, it’s merely for entertainment. Even predictable success can be boring. 

In fact, inside you feel secretly, a little lazy - because what you’ve created feels easy now. You’ve already moved on to new, expansive ideas - but the rest of the world has no idea where you’re at in that precious world between your ears. 

You’re creative, intelligent, love your independence, and you have a great sense of humour and quirkiness about you. You feel things. You’re a deep thinker. You love having deep conversations, and connecting with great people. But it’s rare. 

You’ve had, and learned from, so many experiences in your life, sometimes you feel much older than you really are. 

You want to leave the world in a better way than it is today.

You value being of great service to others, authenticity, great quality experiences, your creativity, adventure, your relationships, and treading lightly on the planet.

You go above and beyond for everyone around you, and in everything you do. You’re an advocate for others. You bring them up with your enthusiasm, vibrance, humour and energy. But sometimes you don’t give to yourself what you give to others.

The way you speak the truth can move people to tears of recognition and ignite avalanches of change, but it can also leave you feeling isolated, even though its effective. Not many people are willing to be as brave as you are in their expression. Sometimes you don’t say anything, and you tell yourself it’s so as not to make others feel uncomfortable, but you and I both know it’s really because it’s always you that feels more uncomfortable for you to be so boldly visible when you say it.

And you feel a very specific type of anxiety about the future. The kind that is unique only to the elite level superfreaks like you. That “but surely this isn’t going to last, and I can’t keep this up” feeling.

It’s time to pivot.

I’m going to be straight up with you.

You’re bored because you’re disowning your intelligence. You’re not channeling your energy properly. 

You’re repeating old habits and patterns, or feeling “stuck”, because you are disowning your true, innate power.

The thoughts, feelings and perspectives you have - you know, those ones you hold back for all different reasons - are so powerful and valuable to others because of your experiences, they could actually change someone’s life just by speaking them. You can’t be holding out any longer. You’re doing everyone - including yourself - a dis-service. 

And you’re under-nourished by the world you see around you, because the world you crave is the one that doesn’t exist yet - and it’s the world you are here to create for yourself. 

You can be, do, and have anything you want.

I know, because I invented the term superfreak to describe people like you and I.

I will help you cut through the conditioning, and the fog and find the source of your greatest power, inspiration, and strength.

So you can understand yourself so deeply, you can intentionally access your full range of emotion and experience, and use it to work for you in whatever you choose to do next, and anything else you choose to do for the rest of your life. 

I will show you how to own every single intoxicating part of yourself so powerfully you inspire others just by showing up as yourself. 

So you can impact your world with what you’re here to do, and do it in a way that feels so easy, fun and energising, you could do it forever. 

My job as a coach, is to slow you down, and bring you back to who you are, and sometimes to help you really see it for the first time, so you can create your world exactly to your tailored desires, feel completely lit up by it, and know exactly what to do every morning when you wake up.

It’s going to require you to own every part of who you are, in a congruent, visible manner. 

The world you’re experiencing here and now is only a fraction of the possibility of what’s available to you.

I will help you access a level of consciousness which allows you to never have to worry about whether something is possible or not, again.

You will feel with every bone in your body that you are wholeheartedly living out your purpose. 

This kind of work is highly tailored and not for the faint of heart.

If this sounds fun and exciting, and everything you’ve read above screams HELL YES, I’d like to invite you to have a powerful conversation with me. 

You can do so right here.



I believe in you.

You and your everything make a difference to the entire world around you.

You have the power to completely transform your life. In every moment, with every new choice, every new breath, and every single thought.

In the next 90 days, you could be existing differently if you devote yourself to choosing what makes you come alive, and doing on that. Just think about that.

In fact, the way you are tomorrow, and even, in ten minutes can be anything you choose. 

You are not set in stone.

And when you get THIS, trust me. You showing up and owning it is going to give everyone around you permission to change themselves too.


You don’t need me. 

I’m simply here to make the ride fun, and faster for those who are ready.

Hayley Carr