Is it a tool, a technique or a physical and metaphysical procesS?

NLP = All this and more

Upgrade your mindset in every area of your life, and consistently show up to your dreams with confidence, and great success, time and time again.


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

~ Mark Twain

A Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification with Soul

Are you ready to make a difference in your life, and lead and influence others with consciousness, confidence and purpose?

The intention of my NLP certified training is to help you to understand yourself so deeply, you become free – and help others do exactly the same. There are fewer things more amazing in life than recognising your own limitations and breaking through them – and being able to repeat the process any time you like - to help yourself, and to make a difference in the world. There's nothing more liberating than to trust yourself, from the inside out. To be the captain of your own ship. To be a walking, talking revolution, igniting the flame in others.

If you're ready to become a leader and light-worker in your chosen field, this is the gift that NLP will give you.

You will:

  • Improve your communication skills at work and all your relationships

  • Learn to break down success and repeat it

  • Let go of old baggage and help others do the same to create lasting change

  • Increase confidence

  • Lift peak performance

  • Develop a standout ability to coach and lead

  • Get to know yourself and how to work better than ever before

  • Have breakthroughs in health

  • Get to the bottom of an issue and resolve it once and for all

  • Understand yourself on a greater level

  • Become a better decision maker

  • Stop procrastinating

  • Find your purpose and feel on purpose

  • Be happier than ever

  • Take control of your life

  • Have confidence in public speaking

  • Stop avoiding important things

  • Change your habits

  • Release addictions, phobias and allergies in yourself and others.

You'll fall in love with NLP. Most of my clients usually do. It's the beginning of the most wonderful relationship with yourself.

By learning the tools and skills of NLP, you will be able to shift and upgrade your mindset in every area of your life, and consistently show up to your dreams with confidence, and great success, time and time again. You'll be able to use the way you naturally think to deliberately create change in your experience of the world.

If you're ready to finally be your bold-ass bear-cat self and make a radical impact on the world, my NLP training will give you:

  • Certified training that is going to uplift, support and inspire you to step out as a better leader

  • A skill set that will serve you, your loved ones, and your teams for the rest of your life

  • A tailored curriculum to inspire leaders and light-workers specifically

  • Connection and deeper commitment to your values of community, laughter and spirituality in your education, your work and life

  • Learning from someone who has been walking the walk for over a decade and has hilarious and inspiring stories to tell about what happens when you learn to think critically and creatively

  • The chance to be in a room full of people who are committed to making the world a better place

  • Complete support while you are held accountable for applying new skills

  • The best quality in your learning environments

  • Understanding of NLP not only on a physical level, but a metaphysical one too

  • Deep communication and connection with the people you are here to align with, lead, and help.


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“Hayley Carr is a freakin’ powerhouse!  For one, she’s BEYOND hilarious – the type of girl I would have drunk beer and eaten pizza with in my early twenties (these days we’ll probably grab a bowl of quinoa and a green juice!) – she’s warm and incredibly loving, but also, the girl is a wellspring of spiritual wisdom, and she delivers it hard and fast.  I recently interviewed Hayley for my online program, The Party Girls Guide to Peace, and I was absolutely FLOORED by her presence and confidence.  This is one chicka who is undeniably dedicated to her craft.”

Tara Bliss
Spirit-fuelled coach, healer and speaker
Queensland, Australia

“Hayley is like no other human being on the planet. Her physical and emotional power, strength and fearless nature are unmatched in the coaching world.  Asking Hayley to speak at my inaugural Trailblazers Retreat in Costa Rica was a no brainer. She showed up as her full authentic self sharing her inspiring story of creating a life of freedom. Her signature Body Negotiation and Personal Sanctuary Workshop were transformational for all participants (including myself). Hayley is an insightful intuitive coach who’s heart is as expansive as her extensive training.”

Lynan Saperstein
Expert business strategist, Mentor and Retreat Leader
The Experience Experts
Lake Tahoe, United States

Hayley Carr