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Before you contact me for a consultation, please do your research. I invite you to read through every word on this website, and make sure that you are absolutely hell yes to having a conversation with me that will open up your world, and, to doing what it takes to become a client, and create whatever success means to you.

I only work with 8 personal clients each year, and around 30 clients in my group programs.

Therefore, I only have space for a select number of consultations - so this application is for sincere and appropriate applicants only.

This way, we will not waste each others’ time or energy.

A consultation with me will last up to two hours. During this time, I will coach you. The best way you and I can get to know if we are a hell yes for each other, is to have an experience together.

Afterwards, one of a few things might happen.

1 - You and I may never need to speak again

2 - I may have a resource, or a referral for you, or,

3 - You may want to know what it looks like to work with me more - as client and coach.

If you have done your research by reading the words on this site, you know they apply to you, and you are deeply ready to invest in, and live an exquisite life, please apply for a coaching session with me by clicking the button below. I invite you to take your time, and enjoy pouring your heart out. Your coaching begins now.


  • If you are unwilling to receive brutally honest feedback about yourself,

  • If you don’t have a sense of humour,

  • If you’re happy to live a mediocre life that doesn’t completely fullfil you,

  • If you think I am the one who is going to save you,

  • If you are looking for therapy to become functional,

  • If you are not willing to rearrange your schedule and/or do whatever it takes to meet with me,

  • And, if you can’t handle swearing…

I respect you, and you’re not going to find what you’re looking for here. 

If you know you are not ready, and you’d like to stay in touch with me, great! This is where to do that.


For any interviews, PR opportunities, or any other inquiries, please fill out the form below, or contact my team at


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Hayley Carr