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Being in my inner world, as a part of my community, means you hear what’s going on behind the scenes, and in-the-moment when the rest of the world thinks I’m being a good girl.

I treat my superfreaks like superstars.

This isn’t like any other “newsletter”.

It’s inconsistent, in the flow, will often jarr your thinking, and my stories are radically honest, messy, raw, delightful, and sometimes purely to make you spit your morning cuppa out through your nose with laughter at my awkward expense.

What other say about being in my Superfreaks Community

“F**king great email!” - Lael

“Your blogs are soooo interesting” - Shalini

“Holy Sh*t. This SPOKE to me” - Nikki

“I would really just like to commend you for your courage to open up about everything that has happened to you (the highs and lows)” - Helen

“...your words have inspired and reminded me that I can do this” - Shayne.

“I AM OBSESSED!” - Angel

You’ll also get first dibs on anything I’m bringing to the world, but that’s only ever after I wax lyrical with something that will already help you even if we never meet or work together.

I don’t subscribe to people’s newsletters, so you can think of these like random postcards with odd and humorous stories from your adventurous cousin flung across the kitchen table, rather than the digital version of something you left scrunched in the bottom of your schoolbag each week.

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Hayley Carr, a unique Leadership and Life Coach
Hayley Carr