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Clear + aligned + confident = know what to do + create anything you want


The Fierce Salon will shift the way you perceive, believe, receive & achieve



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It’s time to come outta the closet, #Superfreak.

However you found yourself here, I’m glad for it. I don’t believe in luck. As a matter of fact, I’m more likely to believe you telling me you pooped an actual rainbow than it was pure “luck” you landed here.

Nothing is by accident. Not even accidents. That’s the first rule of being a superfreak. She knows how powerful she is.

Look, it’s cool if you don’t know what a superfreak is yet - cos’ I made up that word. Well, Rick James actually, then me. Consider yourself resurrected, Superfreak.

Knowing you though, you wouldn’t agree with me calling you a Superfreak (yet) would you?

You’ve got expectations of yourself as high as Snoop Dogg lit up on tour, and even you rarely meet them.

But gimme a moment, sister. That’s why the Fierce Salon exists after all.

To remind you of how powerful you already are.

So you can do whatever the fuck you want - just like Snoop - for the rest of your life - and, have the chopsticks to back yourself when most others would surrender to their fear of failure, the unknown, too much success, their husbo’s insecurities about the budget, mama-guilt, making people uncomfortable by being “too much”, or coming across like a “bitch”, and go get a normal job.


Probably. Except there’s a difference.

You’re here. Reading this. Not everyone makes it.

Which tells me everything I need to know to freak on you right now.

And the only thing you need to trust right now:

You’re ready to break loosey-goosey.


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Come for the ride, stay for the results!

Come for the ride, stay for the results!


The Fierce Salon will teach you

to create miracles, in the most challenging parts of your life

for the rest of your life

like it ain’t no thang.


The Fierce Salon

is a 9-month TRANSFORMATION INCUBATOR for driven, sensitive, superfreaks (aka: you).

To support you, liberate you, and rebirth you into owning your specific energy (your kooks, your dreams, your secret single behaviours, and your voice) to break through all your upper-limits so you can easily achieve what you want, with ease, for the rest of your life. (Note: not an exaggeration - the actual rest of your life).

an experiential coaching incubator.

Transformation. Not information.

which means:

Financial glass ceiling? GONE.

Frozen at the idea of selling yourself? GONE.

Never asking for what you want? GONE!

Resentment? GONE.



Jealousy? Yeah, people are jealous of you all the time! It’s a “real problem!”

Fear of failure & looking like a dummy? BRING IT.

Feeling lazy? COS IT’S SO DAMN EASY!

Lonely? GONE.

Guilty? GONE.

Like you’re stabbing in the dark? SHORTCUT!

Like it’s impossible? PERFECT. WE’RE BANG ON THE MONEY.

But I’m sensitive & can’t do it like everyone else? SUPERPOWER.

Sexy-Time? HELLO, MY LIFE.


“Personal Development Orgasms”
- Angela Gallo




“I'll take 1x “cookie-cutter” strategy, thanks!
- Average Joe

You’ve been around the personal development cosmos long enough to know that most of the “advice” you’ve been dished doesn’t quite land for you like it does others. It works, for a while, but you can’t sustain it. It feels like you’re trying too hard after a while, yeah?

Theres nothing wrong with you.

This is not about pushing, forcing, hustling, driving forward, or “killin’…” anything. (You're already really great at those things. That’s how you became awesome. But it’s not sustainable, and that sensitivity is part of what makes you a superfreak.

But it's not about "going with the flow" all the time either, taking yourself out of the game, and denying the sweet taste of achievement. Your drive is also part of what makes you a superfreak.

It’s also not a fluke you made it where you are. Right below the surface of your quiet questioning, there’s a strategy for “success” unique as your fingerprint. I’m going to help you live by it. No more other-people-on-a-pedestal-watching, on with the “you” show.

you get to do it your way FROM NOW ON.

This is the next level for you - it's where you get to do it your way. (The only truly sustainable way for you to create what you want, forever).

It's a dance between achieving and receiving. Yin and yang. Masculine and Feminine. Push and pull. Do and Allow. Freedom and Devotion.

It's not a cookie-cutter "follow my lead", take these steps and fill in this PDF homework program either - because this is highly tailored to your very specific way of thriving.

There’s no step-by-step “curriculum” or “system”, because you can’t have the radical results people get when there’s a pre-set agenda and no room for magic. It's real-time, paradigm-shifting, personalised, deep, transformational coaching. Every week.

I’ll ask you laser focused questions that get to the heart of what’s up right now, and you’ll bring your biggest dreams, challenges & ideas, and you’ll spill the beans on how you create magic without even realising it. You’re my curriculum. I’m your superfreak-ness extractor.

There are only ten people in the salon - meaning, nowhere to hide, and exponential support.

I’m here to show you how to master the most important six inches of your life - the ones between your ears. You’re gonna become a master at challenging & questioning your model of the world, so you see concrete results while we work together, but also, so you continue to grow long after.

You’re also gonna transform in real-time. That’s the beauty of incubation and long-term work with me. You can’t help but play!

The life you crave is so much closer than you think.

You had me at orgasms.


Why Though?



I learned first hand how to do whatever it takes and get to the top, and stay there when I was a world champion Martial Artist. But I sucked at success without burnout.

I also learned first hand how to feel stuck, when there's a fork in the road, paralysed by fear of making the wrong decision or, failing, and spending so much time and energy analysing, you feel like life is going nowhere. It's more than frustrating, it hurts. I learned that when I was laid up in bed for three years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

After winning nine Karate world championships, you’d think I’d have my shiz sorted in the "success" department but I actually had to learn how to fail again to get to the next level.

I mean fail spectacularly, in order to become the type of woman who is no longer afraid of failure but rather, seeks to find her edge through failing, being uncomfortable and being OK with helping others do the same.

The way I was creating my success back then wasn't allowing me any space anywhere else. When I fell in a heap and burned out, with chronic fatigue syndrome, my life changed completely.

I had to learn to heal my energy and my body from the inside out. I had to learn how to clarify my intentions and actions so the universe would return some energy to me, instead of pushing myself beyond the limits, hoping someone would recognise how hard I was working and take away my struggle.

I had to learn to trust in my intuition over and above anything else. To become my wisest mentor. To speak up, to stand out, and to stop focusing on anything I couldn't control, and to be OK with disappointing people, receiving "no" and disapproval - and get on with the life I truly desired to live - a life that fuels me, instead of drains me - a life that felt almost impossible at the time.

It required getting clear, getting aligned, getting back in flow, and getting fierce with my mission.

It’s how I healed, but it’s now how we thrive.

Today, my work synthesises the power of both freedom and devotion in equal measure with my clients. The mindset, psychology and philosophies of becoming a nine-time Karate World Champion - turns out - are transferable to success in business, health, love, and wealth. We cap that off with a serving of metaphysics, NLP and spirituality, and you have a delicious recipe for sustainable, enjoyable, exponential success.

I believe the best use of me is to help other high achievers,& leaders experience the freedom they crave &  deserve, so they can continue to make a difference, make an impact, make money & make their lives, and the lives of those they inspire, “pinch-me” good.

You’re here to make a difference.

You do it every day.

Let’s make it sustainable, supported, sexy & all about you now.


The 14 “Lucky” Pillars

you’re going to master them.

These are the pillars, or themes upon which we’ll base our coaching over the nine months. Every single session. There’s no order, because you’re going to be starting wherever you most need to start.

Get ready for a paradigm shift. You’ll use these in every new venture for the rest of your life.

Please note: This is not a curriculum. These pillars are addressed, understood and embodied throughout the Salon’s duration through coaching, deep conversation, and application in real time. They are designed to guide strong and easy decision-making, strategy, mindset, resourcefulness and mission-driven energy management, not to be a list of “topics to discuss.”



1-Clarity, Permission, & Purpose

Know, and operate from, your purpose. Your why.  Craft a powerful vision and mission that makes you unstoppable, and has you dancing through doubt, fear, and times when you think you're not ready yet. Give yourself permission to uncover, clarify and declare what you have always actually wanted. (Not the second-tier, affordable or acceptable versionEscape the grind. Transcend aAuto-pilot. You’ll transform into a powerhouse on a mission in the unapologetic attainment of your true desires, fuelled naturally and sustainably by purpose.

2-emotional Freedom

Clear out all your unresolved doubts, fears, insecurities or limiting beliefs that are subconsciously derailing you, making it unsafe up until now to claim what you want.

Re-Define Success.

Become so present, the past doesn’t exist. It will no longer define you, but energise and enlighten you.

3-Genius operandus

Find your natural Genius and operate from your centre – at last! You’ll experience unparalleled productivity in having a practise to take your from out out of your head, and into your heart, curiosity, and action. (Cue more money, health, and time).

Harmonise your lifestyle by saying “yes” to living more, and bringing your whole self to the journey – making time for play and pleasure. Delegate & oOutsource and give yourself permission to be supported while you step up to serve.

Creating a team of support, in a way that is so much easier than you may think, to have you step up to the level of freedom you require to own the next level - operating from your genius.

4-brass-ovary Conviction

Transforming your focus to fierce confidence.

Develop the power consciousness of the world’s most inspiring athletes, performers and leaders. You’ll learn here what it takes to create a consciousness (not just a mindset) that supports, in every way, what you’re creating. One of flow, trust, support, and unwavering confidence. (And, you’ll know how to stay there).

Activate your realm of possibility, solution and miracles, so you can have a “whatever it takes” attitude, without the stress or burnout.

5- quantum leap Strategy

You’ll Develop a simple, repeatable, scaleable strategy to get exactly what you want – this time, and anytime. Experience the freedom in aligned structure and your deep commitment.

6- Skill aquisition

Uncover any skills you need to resource to bring your creativity to life, and work on them, with us, and in your own space.

Develop the ability to make your decisions from a place of grounded, truthful clarity, and express yourself. Practise the art of getting into, and staying in, a realm of possibility, solutions, and expansiveness, to take your soaring through challenging times.  When many others would “take it as a sign to give in, or develop a fear of burning out, you are creating freedom forever, from the paradigm of stress and scarcity.


Money is energy and you’re gonna make it as easy as breathing.
Wealth consciousness.
Resourcefulness over Resources.
Whatever it takes:. Collaboration. Communication. Divine Intervention. Bring your whole self to the table, with up-levelled grace.

Learn how to open yourself up to attract what you need when the time is right, or, y’know, instantly. It’s just how us Fiercey’s roll.

8-Energy alchemy

Uncover and enjoy more of what makes you feel alive, and remove what drains you.

Develop mechanisms for understanding your energy on a moment to moment basis.

Reveal all the hidden distractions in your world, and curb them. Understand alignment for yourself as an individual, and live from a deep space of focus, intention and desire.

Remove the drama hooks from your experience of time so you can show up to your vision with joy, productivity and passion, no matter what.


Gain deep, natural confidence in your ability to know yourself, trust yourself and back yourself in your next impossible goal.

Design your whole life from peak performance palette of mindfulness – a beautiful mix of self care, ambition, individuality and fearlessness.

High quality minimalism and streamlining create high grade, and high vibe living.

10- LIBERATING Leadership & authentic influence

Find your unique style of Leadership. Lead yourself, with your whole self, and with heart.

Create a dream team around you that support and align with your vision.

11-Scale + time-bending

Commit to your long term success. Create a "fierce" version of a  long-term plan that fuels freedom and creativity to do more, and feels spacious, energising, and easy.

Learn how to exponentially multiply your efforts, reserves (spiritual, financial, mental, emotional and physical) and create supported structure to take your life to levels beyond your conscious imagination.


Make your mark. Explore and discover what your “end of time” vision for the world will be, and expand your thinking, creating, and collective consciousness to have a ripple effect on the world beyond our reach.

In the fierce salon, we redefine success not to be a material amount of wealth, leisure or possessions (although, they are all welcomed!), but as the power of the legacy we leave behind.

And if even reading the word "legacy" makes you squirm, relax back into your seat, because the way we define legacy is going to blow your mind too.

13 - flow

Become the happiest, most confident person you know.

You’ll learn the art of living with mindset of “anything is possible” and proving it to yourself with instant manifestation.


Embody the sacred understanding of masculine and feminine energy intertwined in your work, your relationships, and the way you do everything.

You’ll harness your sexual energy to channel creative fire like never before, and,

Become a magnet for pleasure.



 Mama Hayley always said, “Life’s like a box o’ chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”

-no-one ever.

Black image.jpg
  • 27 x online live mentoring sessions with Hayley Carr over the next 9 months. (more if you join the accelerator program), plus recordings of every call to keep forever. (Value: $54000)

  • 2 x Two-Day In-person Masterminds in my home.
    (Value: $10000)

  • 24/7 support via our private facebook lounge. Ask me, and your group, anything, any time for feedback, support & to deepen your experience between our calls.
    (Value: $5000)

  • Self-Coaching practises - and personalised Feedback on your tailor-made weekly review so you’re clear + confident to move through any stubborn blocks.
    (Value: $1000)

  • A tight-knit community of brilliant minds you belong to - not to hold you accountable, to inspire the heck out of you, be there as your solace, and force your superfreak to be your new-normal ‘tude. The power of being in the presence of the right people is infinite)
    (Value: Limitless - and this isn’t calculated into the total value below.)

  • Done-for-you toolkits & resources to break through challenges as they arise
    (Value: $1000)

  • Surprises & Bonuses worth thousands… because what kind of International Womxn of mystery would I be if I didn’t leave something to the imagination…
    (Value: $2300)

    Total Value: $94,000

Except, Here’s what you get:


 Two In-Person Immersions.

During these two, 2-day immersions, you’ll deepen your knowledge, experience deep personal coaching in-person, and experiential practises, as well as have ample real-time connection with the people you’re baring witness to. You’ll have the space to nuzzle in with nourishing food & drinks, in my loungeroom, with me. The value of this alone is worth the price of the Salon.

Black image.jpg

Your Investment:


$9900 AUD


Pay upfront and receive a 15% discount. (GST inclusive for all Australian residents)

$1035/m AUD


Choose an eleven month payment plan of $1035/month totalling $11385. (GST inclusive for all Australian residents)


You in? Here’s how we start:


The Salon "officially" begins on July 18th 2019.

But I have a sweet seductive bonus as a reward for not waiting until the last minute.

From the moment you join, until July 18th, I’ll coach you in an “Accelerator Salon” as a reward for not waiting until the last minute.

Not only is this worth thousands of dollars in free coaching, you have the opportunity to create your money back before we even begin.  

There are ten seats, & as you join, we start.

This will be a rolling launch.  

If this is a ‘hell yes’ for you, and you decide to join the next Salon, you will be instantly placed in my Salon Accelerator. What that means is, before the Salon officially starts, you'll begin to receive coaching from me, every single week at our allocated Salon time. If you are the only person who has enrolled, you will be receiving 1:1 coaching from me, until the next person joins, Then there will be two and so on, until our Salon date officially starts. Then, our Salon sessions officially begin. This is literally worth thousands of dollars in personal coaching - and you will receive it as a huge bonus for taking action before the last minute bells.

In my most recent accelerator program, my clients have said they achieved more than they expected to achieve in the entire year. Well and truly working less, achieving (and earning) more, and feeling ready, excited, and energised to take on more. (Before the official Salon had even begun.)

To join, all you have to do is book in a time with me below and we will have a conversation. During this conversation, all I'm going to do is coach you. If, at the end, I'm a hell yes for you, and you're a hell yes for me, you're in. We will begin together the following week.


I can not wait to meet you. If this is something that is calling you, and you want to have an experience with me of what it’s going to be like, get in touch and let’s have a conversation.

The only way to find out what this is really going to look and feel like, is to have an experience with me. Click the button below and apply now to get yourself into the accelerator program.


The Fierce Salon will shift

the way you Perceive,

Believe, Receive, and Achieve.

Join me on a nine-month adventure.

Experience the life you are so close to, I’ll show you.

Apply now to speak with me.


Who is this Hayley Carr?


9 -Time World Karate Champion, Leadership & Life Coach, Hayley Carr is in the business of happiness.


Her mission is to provide inspirational, actionable and deeply transformational coaching, to motivated, passionate leaders so they can fulfil their potential, and make a positive difference to the the world around them in a sustainable way.

She believes leadership is the catalyst for change, and works with leaders, and high achievers who want to learn the artistry of self-leadership, resilience & authentic influence.

Hayley has a Degree in Interior Architecture, a University Blue award for balancing elite sport with high level studies, and a Master Trainer Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming... As well as a bunch of other expensive pieces of paper which are sitting somewhere in a folder in the garage.

Founder of the International Womxn of Mystery, Creator of the Fierce Salon, Author of "Calm & Unstoppable" and a Lady of Adventure, this introvertedly extroverted, tea sipping, butt-kicking honesty bomb will serve you up the most loving and laugh-at-yourself way of living your best life and enjoy making a difference.

Apply below to speak about joining the Fierce Salon today.  

Hayley xx

Hayley Carr, Leadership and Life Coach - The Fierce Salon a 9 month mentoring program

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the salon go for??

The Salon will take place over nine months. A total of 27 sessions with your group. We will meet for approximately three weeks of every month, with some time for self coaching weeks, integration and connection with your Salon members in between, so you finish the salon with a cohort of supefreaks in your corner, and the ability to know how to coach yourself through anything.

How does the payment plan work?

The Total investment for the nine month Salon is $11385 AUD on a payment plan, and $9900AUD upfront. (GST included for all Australian Residents) If you decide to pay via a payment plan, the investment will be broken into 11 monthly payments of $1035 AUD (a total of $11380 AUD). Payments will be 30 days apart from the date you register.

I'm afriad of investing this much money. It's expensive! Why does it cost this much?

Rather than asking yourself why it costs this much, ask yourself what the costto you is of never going after (and getting) what you secretly, really want. What's the cost of never feeling free to sdo whatever the fuck you want, and know you have the chops to back yourself - because it'll work.

Lacklustre energy, resentment towards everyone you've been pleasing, guilt, broken relationships, a flailing sex life, mediocrity in your bank account, unfulfilment at the end of your life, and worst of all, a low-level anxiety of wondering "what if" (for example).

It's costing you tens of thousands already in opportunities lost because you're holding back for fear of burning out, or failing in some way.

$11380 could buy you a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, or, you could invest in becoming the type of womxn who lives a life others only ever dream about - for the rest of your life - (including once-in-a-lifetime holidays every year if that's your thing).

From that perspective, $11380 to work with one of the most powerful coaches on the planet + a community of brilliant minds who back you + ulevelling your entire life in a tailor-made, sustainable way, + life-changing insights about peak performance and YOU + emotional freedom + the confidence to go for anything you want for the rest of your life (which means potentially millions in new income streams) = a bloody great deal.

One of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself is the experience of backing yourself, and having skin in the game + an incredible mentor.

1:1 work with me begins at $30K-$75K to P.O.A. My clients have walked away with insights that have made them millions, saved them millions, re-ignited "doomed" marriages, liberated them from self-doubt and crushing personal circumstances, pregnancies, vibrant health, and the freedom to know they can do it again, whenever they want.

How did you find out about me?

Likely because someone you admire, or deeply trust told you to run my way and speak with me. My work has had a gentle and solid impact across my industry, and the industries and homes of my clients for over a decade. Other coaches, and clients alike.

I deliver.

So this transformation, over more information? The results you're seeking, plus the wisdom and confidence to know for the rest of your life you can create anything you want?


Not compared to what happens to your entire world when you have it.

It's a bargain.

Is it just for women or can men join too?

While we use the word women or womxn on this page a lot, the Salon is not designed for a particular demographic of person. It does not matter who you are, where you've come from, whether you're male or female, if you're a business owner, someone with a "job" or how much money you earn. This is about what you believe. You will be spending nine months in a group of incredible people (people who inspire you, and who you inspire), and who are here to support you too. Everyone in the Salon has something incredible to give. Everyone is open to receiving feedback and supporting the other members in the Salon. What I love most about this, is that the exact people you need to be around right now, tend to be exactly who joins us at this moment.

What is the curriculum?

Transforming your focus to fierce confidence. MY specialty as a coach, is to be with you where you're at. While the focus during our time together is guided by the pillars mentioned earlier, having a curriculum defeats the purpose of working with you, individually, with exactly what you're working on creating right now. This is about transformation, not information. When I designed this offering, I designed it for people who want to grow, but who are not interested in being given a series of videos and PDF's to fill in. You and I are the people who don't complete things like that. You're looking for deep, experiential paradigm shifts, and then, to get on with it. During the Fierce Salon, you'll have plenty of opportunity to have transformational, laser coaching from me, as well as learn from the real time experience of what your peers are working on. There is no higher form of leverage than being surrounded by others who are on the same path as you, and learning from them, as well as receiving real time feedback, and big picture ideas on what you're also working on, or, struggling with at the time. This is a space where you can literally come in and say, "This is what I'm doing, I've started, the person I proposed my idea to said this, what do I do next?" and you will be coached - Not given a system to follow to take immediate steps and move your needle forward.

What's your guarantee?

While there are no guarantees in life, I will guarantee you this. I know beyond a shoadow of a doubt how powerful and transformational my coaching is. With over a decade in experience working full time as a coach with high achievers, and a deep passion for ensuring everyone I work with gets what they came for, (another reason why the salon is a small group), I will hold you to your highest potential. I guarantee that I will show up 100% for every time we meet, and deliver to you what you most need to hear in each moment. I am not here to impress you, or fluff around the truth. I can also guarantee that if I know this is not going to work, I will tell you. I promise to coach you in a way that makes you feel heard, seen, and looked after beyond your expectations, and to hold you accountable to be 100% participating full out during our time together.

We also have a very powerful self-responsibility motto: "If you don't get at least 10-20X your investment back in insight-value that you can apply for the rest of your life, you didn't go deep enough".

I have a job. How do I make the time to do this?

If you have a job, a business, a family to look after or something else that makes this time difficult for you, but you are still in, as a hell yes, I want to invite you to see this as an opportunity to start setting some new boundaries, and asking for exactly what you want in this life. Some of my clients get up in the middle of the night to attend calls, and others have made agreements with their employers to take a couple of hours off each week, and negotiate staying back on other days - explaining the benefits of what this will do for them. It may require you getting creative, but the deeper you commit to this, the more you will get out of it. For some of the Salon members, finding the time and the money just to get in the door was a big enough leap for them to know it's already making a huge difference in the way they show up. Think of this as an opportunity for you to create a new normal outside of your headspace. If you'd like some help with making this happen, get in touch with me by booking in at the button below.

How do I join?

To secure your seat, book in to speak with Hayley by clicking the button at the bottom of this page where you will fill in your application to join. Filling in the application form doesn't guarantee a seat, nor a coaching conversation, however it will clarify whether or not we are a great fit to work together. From there, we might accept you immediately, or, you might be invited to a call with Hayley.

This call will not be a sales call. You will be coached by Hayley, and have an experience of what it's like working together. If, afterwards, it is a ‘Hell Yes’ to work together, for both of you, you're In! You can pay in full or on a payment plan.

What is The Salon Accelerator Course?

THE SALON ACCELERATOR COURSE is a bonus opportunity to work with Hayley in the lead-up to the Salon beginning.

Everyone who joins the Salon prior to the official start date will be instantly inducted into my accelerator course - which is coaching with me every week (in the same way the Salon will run) until the official Salon begins - with whoever is there - until it starts.

What this means is, the earlier you join, the more coaching and coaching TIME you will receive with Hayley, for free.

This bonus is worth thousands of dollars, and has seen many salon participants make their investment back before the official beginning of the salon.

If you are the first person to sign up, you will be the only person on the bonus call with me until the second and third people join, and so on. Which means, more time with my eyes on you, and more insight and accomplishment before we even officially start.

It's a fantastic reward for taking action, instead of sitting on the fence until the last minute.

Remember, there are only ten seats in the Salon.

What time will the calls be held?

The Salon calls will be held on Thursday mornings at 9:30am Sydney Time (AEST), 3 weeks of each month.

How do I know if I am a fit for this salon?

I find if you have read the words on this page, and they both scare you and excite you all at once, you're a fit. You'll know it's absolutely for you, if you're thinking it's exciting and impossible. I'm here to help you lean into, and solidify, a new normal. Remember - we're creating miracles. I'm here to support you while you do that. And it's going to feel scary doing something so brave. Book in to speak with me, and let’s see what we can create together in our coaching session.

How long do the calls go for?

Each call will be held on video Zoom, which means we will be face to face online, and they will be approximately 1.5 hours. I always allocate 2 hours for a call however, because I value coaching on insight more than on time. So if we are deep in discussion about something, we will go "over time" occasionally. If you have a job, a business, or something else that makes this time difficult for you, but you are still in as a hell yes, I want to invite you to see this as an opportunity to start setting some new boundaries, and asking for exactly what you want in this life. Some of my clients get up in the middle of the night to attend calls, and others have made agreements with their employers to take a couple of hours off each week - explaining the benefits of what this will do for them. It may require you getting creative, but the deeper you commit to this, the more you will get out of it.

When can I expect to see results?

We don't rush, we flow. There's a difference. I am here to help you slow down, to the point where you are so mindful and present you actually choose the biggest actions you can take, and you take them in the tiniest steps you've ever taken. This is not a program where you sweat your boobs off until the finish line, only to binge as a "reward" and find yourself back in the feast and famine of creating. We're here to make a real difference, indefinitely - that takes as long as it takes. Through the time frame here, we are setting an intention of nine months. But due to the fact that everyone in the Salon is different, and at different stages of different adventures, it's going to be unique to you, and how much you put in. Some Salon members see shifts immediately, just from the energy of saying yes and handing over a commitment and a sum of money they have never done before. For others, they might sit and experience everything through the Salon, and right at the end, get into gear. It depends where you're starting from. One thing is for certain though, you will be learning exactly what YOU need to do, that is unique for YOU - right in this moment - and that's not always kick into action mode. For some, it's learning how to rest and take a break, so you can actually move forward from a full cup. Like I said, I'm not here to please or impress you, but to be with you where you're at, and tell you the truth.

And to repeat our motto again here, "If you don't get 10-20X your investment back, you didn't go deep enough."