How to be Invincible


What do you think of when you hear the word “Invincible?” 

Cartoon characters who fall off cliffs and don’t die, they're invincible, right? 

Matrix-esque abilities to dodge bullets, and terminator level robustness... Putting on your 'coat of armour' and traipsing out into the world. "Nobody can bring me down today! I’ve got this!"...

Never getting hurt, water-off-a-duck’s-back...


If you really feel this is what it means for you, check in with your body right now. 

How’s your breath? 

Are your shoulders tight? 

Are you carrying the weight of the world on your invincibility-cloak?

There’s a freedom on the other side of letting life break a little.

A spaciousness; a simplicity, in not handling it.

When you let it slip, you reach an opportunity to be where a state of flow is available to you. 

Most of us aren’t willing to go there. It feels like there’s too much at stake.

The to-do list will pile up. There will be uncomfortable conversations had, that could shake up our world. You’ll have to face your greatest fear.

Most of us think we’re invincible when we’re avoiding cracks in our eggshell... As if problems or challenges are like matrix- bullets one must dodge and weave around, in order to have a "good day”.

Invincibility isn’t… “handling” the world, by keeping it under control.

It’s rising. No matter what. No matter where from.

Invincibility is turning to face your discomfort, head-on…

But it isn’t fighting. It's flowing. It’s being with it. And seeing how OK you are.

It’s trusting yourself to do anything. 




It’s being better off, no matter what happens. No matter what. Knowing you will come off stronger. 

Even if things break first. 

Even if you break first. 


You’ve been through a lot in this life. 


And you’re still here.

You’ve always been invincible.

...You don’t need that cloak any more. 


Hayley x x


P.S - This is a note for all of us. Myself included.