Your Mutant Superpowers


If you're here, you're SO a mutant. Welcome! I Love mutants!

Hey, Takes one to know one!

Yes, I see you. I see you, because I know how to spot one of my own.

A mutant isn't a bad thing! It's all in he way you look at it. Or, the way the world looks at it.

But more accurately, it's all in the way you perceive the world looks at it.


You grew up knowing you were different.

You grew up thinking that the things that make you stand out, those things you hide, like your lavishly quirky personality and joy for textures, or the fact you're a little loud, or too quiet, have a kinda dirty/dry/weird sense of humour, can crack a really good "ugly-face", see through bull-sh*t like you're reading a street sign, you're sensitive, you've had some dating whammie disasters, and you really crave intimacy but find it hard not to judge people too quickly to keep yourself safe... amongst other things...

Yes, those things, along with your energy, passion and enthusiasm that you long for to be matched in this world, they may have caused you a little pain in the past.

You may have even tuned yourself down a little, just so as not to make others uncomfortable. 

All of it.

It's your mutant superpower.

I was having a conversation with one of my personal clients yesterday about the things she thought made her a "freak" in high school, are actually the things she's seeing now, are her magical superpowers. 

She stood out for a reason. One initially, she perceived as being bad - because she was bullied, and ridiculed, and singled out for the ways she was extraordinary -- I mean, different. She made her past mean something about her brilliant superpowers, all the way into her future. She made the world mutant mean something negative.

Now she's seeing it as powerful, instead of a pain in the behind.

And I use the word "mutant" very consciously.

Have you seen the move "the avengers?" Where the mutants are all kinda in hiding from society, so as not to be a nuisance, and when they get together, they actually have what it takes to save the world? 

The thing YOU think is your greatest bug-bear, is what WE really want to see, or feel from you, or see in you. It's your "mutant" superpower. 

And I promise you, you were never ever dimming your light to make others feel less uncomfortable. 


You were doing that, because you were trying to avoid feeling that discomfort of knowing you're different within yourself.

Because before, that was painful. Being different.

But if only you see what I see...

You'd know it's your superpower. 

You'd stop seeing it as a negative reason why you'll never be enough, you can never have what you want, you can never reach the heights you watch others reach, and you can never be truly happy...

and Instead, you'll start seeing it as the exact reason WHY YOU WILL have everything you could ever dream of.

And when you embrace it - life stops being so linear, trapping, and planned. It stops feeling like a hamster wheel. 

It starts feeling easy, in-flow, and heavens above, even fun. 

And that's my superpower. 

I'm here to help you remember how powerful you are, by being more you. 

And by the way, you can use your mutant superpowers everywhere. Relationships. work, business, leadership... they're pretty flexible!


Stay Curious, Stay Open, The Life you crave is so much closer than you think.

Love, Hayley x x


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