My Money Mindset Upgrade

“The three greatest mysteries are “a fish unto water, a bird unto the air and a man unto himself”


I was made aware of this ancient Hindu proverb recently, which suits this weeks video so well.

Humans don’t naturally think about their universal beliefs about the world whilst getting on with the day. (Well, maybe not unless you’re hanging out with me…).

One of the greatest shifts of my life came when I realised everything I thought was real, was simply my filtered experience of the world, based on my beliefs, my experiences, the decisions I had made, my emotions and the environments in which I had grown up.

It was completely liberating to finally understand I could simply choose my beliefs.

Some people would read this in disbelief - maybe even turn their nose up - completely in shock that such a thing could be suggested, and willing to fight until death for their limitations!

When I learned this in 2007, my life changed dramatically.

How I switched up my own money mindset the Hayley way. Hayley Carr Coaching

To give you the shortened version, within a few short months after learning this, I had created enough money to travel overseas and compete in a World Karate tournament I didn’t think I could afford, but also was told I’d never be able to compete in due to a shoulder that supposedly needed to be reconstructed due to an injury the year prior, I had made more money, landed a new lad, moved to a beachside apartment (my dream since I was young), and broken a world record in my sport winning two world titles.


Now, this is wonderful news, however, when you realise you can transform everything ever in your life, despite being amazing, it can also be a little overwhelming.

One of the most common questions I get asked is about changing up your money mindset.

So today, I have a special treat.

In this video I’m sharing with you how I switched up my own money mindset the Hayley way- so I could think more freely, become more self expressed, and have more fun - and make more money as a result.

It’s a great topic money, because despite there being no difference in our ability to shift our mindset around it, it has so much charge - and it used to be the case for me, too.

I’m excited to share this one!

Once you’ve watched, do let me know your thoughts, and where you can map across some useful new beliefs for yourself. I want to hear what your new beliefs are! Let me know below.

Remember, Stay Curious, Stay Open - the life you crave is so much closer than you think.

Love, Hayley