Rich & Rested

That’s the theme of my end of year 2-day retreat: Play Bigger, Feel Better. 

In all the work I do, even with my millionaire clients - we do money work. 

I’m not a millionaire (yet), but I do money work with millionaires, and just about every one of my clients.

“You can feel rich and have no money in the bank.” - monk with coins - Hayley Carr Coach

Because money isn’t about the plastic, the paper, the coins. It’s an idea. It’s value. It’s an energetic exchange, more so than a physical one. Bank statements, boyfriends, and bills (and parents, partners, friends bosses, and our fears) might tell us otherwise… but when you think about it… really, you know it’s true. 

“Wealth” is a holistic word for some people, and for others, it’s numbers on a spreadsheet. You can have millions and secretly walk around every day fearing you’ll lose it all, too.


You can feel rich and have no money in the bank. 

Money work is about mindset work. 

Want to know the most common fear I hear in people who have loads of money? 

“I’m exhausted. I’m tired, and I am afraid if I stop, I’ll lose it all.”

Want to know the greatest fear I hear in people who are about to make a lot of money, or wanting to?

“What if it means I lose part of the life I love? What if I lose the people closest to me? What if it means I become so busy I’ll burn out?” 

Sleeping instead of exercising. 

Yesterday, like every week, I drove the 25 minutes to my pilates class, which I LOVE. I sat in the cafe drinking my chai, as I do each week, and realised I couldn’t go to pilates. 

I don’t know why I was exhausted, it doesn’t matter - I just was. 

So, I cancelled my class, paid the late cancellation fee, (It’s a small class so we get a lot of support) and went home to bed - and slept for 2.5 hours. My body was shaking, and I felt like my legs were hollow - and I’ll call myself out here and admit too that sometimes that makes me nervous - like I’m going to get sick again. 

But after I woke up, and went back to my day (at about 1 pm mind you!) I got more done than I know some people do in a week. I felt good again. Fresh, curious, and slowly went back into my day. I didn’t feel 100% all day, but I felt 100% better than I did when I sat in that cafe that morning contemplating whether or not pushing through it and exercising was going to help. 

Because I was rested, I naturally went into being productive, powerful, creating, serving, getting excited about what I was doing, and it came from a place of being full.

Then, I went and rested again. 

Coming alive requires simply doing what feels great. In the moment. 

People like you and I need to be alive. 

It’s not about necessarily taking a break all the time, but then again, “not taking a break” doesn’t mean pushing yourself when it’s not necessary and never stopping, It means being tapped into your purpose.

Living my created life. 

I have this rule I choose to let my life be guided by:

The more rested I am, the more money I make. 

I decided this. 

And because I decided this, I know when I’m dialing down my abundance, because it’s when I feel un-rested. 

This decision helps me switch from the paradigm every day of “push and achieve” to “flow and receive”. (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme but lets’ go with it!)

Most people wake up every day and let life weirdness happen, then make up stories about what it means about them, the world, the government, men, or business… They’re reactive. And it shows. 

Some of us choose to (or desire to) wake up in a world where they get to create how it’s experienced - or, choose to be at the centre of that creation. 

Even if life feels like a cluster-fuck of sky-falling incidents we would never wish upon ourselves. 

Even if it’s all going “wrong”.

It’s about finding a place inside of you that can find the bits we can control, centre around, harness, and respond with in a powerful way. 

In order to choose for yourself to play bigger, and have it work for you, sustainably, and make a difference to your life, it has to feel better.

Otherwise, like me, the 5 year old inside you will say “booooring!” and not follow through. She’ll rebel. 

Rich and rested is a philosophy that underpins why “calm” is your greatest superpower. Why slowing down actually speeds you up. 

It’s about energy, frequency, vibration.  Nobody can mess with that, but you. 

So why not create it, instead of waiting for it to be instilled upon you - from the world, from a mentor, or otherwise. 

Sometimes, for people like us, all it takes is one tiny shift in your thinking to completely transform your world. 

So, yeah. Rich & rested. That’s the theme. 

Down with the grind. 

If you’re up for it, we have a few seats left. 

Dec 1 & 2, at my family home an hour from Sydney, by the beach.

Check it out here


Hayley xx

Play Bigger, Feel Better, A two-day mentoring retreat with Hayley Carr: Click the image to see more

Play Bigger, Feel Better, A two-day mentoring retreat with Hayley Carr: Click the image to see more