How to Declutter Your Life and get rid of everything you own


Hola! Recently I completed my second move around the country in three years. OK that's not quite so accurate - I moved to the other side of the country this time - but last time, I moved all around the world.

The first time I did this, I sold, gave away or let go of everything I owned that didn't fit into my suitcase. Now, three years on, I've accumulated very consciously a lot of stuff again, and this time, I gave away or sold it if it couldn't fit into the back of my little car for the big move.

In all honesty, this time it felt harder than last - that's because I had consciously purchased things, so I was always surrounded by things I loved, and I didn't own nearly as much in the first place - and the whole process taught me a few really great lessons about the space we keep in our lives.

Today's video answers the question, "How do I give away or sell everything I own?", but truthfully, we dive much deeper in the psychology of creating space, what that does to our nervous system, and our energy, and what to do with that space - and then, how it affects all other areas of your life.

Living as somewhat of a minimalist in my own life, I'm delighted to bring you this episode of Hayley Carr TV, shot on a beautiful balcony somewhere along the East Coast of Australia ;) Once you've watched the video, pop in down on the comments and let me know, what are your tips ofr giving away r selling everything you own? Do you have questions? ask away my love.

Stay Curious, Everything you want is on the other side of your curiosity, and your fear. You are the Omega.

Love, Hayley x x 

P.S - If you are looking for help with decluttering your life, your friendships, your relationships, your space, and especially, your mindset, when the resistance comes up, it's totally normal. This IS a big deal, actually. I can help you to bust through your fears and start living truthfully in alignment with everything you want. Why don't you book in to have a cup of tea with me here, and lets see how I can help.

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