The art of not giving a fuck


One of my favourite hashtags goin’ round these days is #zerofucks or #0Fucks The First thing one of my early mentors Clinton said to me was, “Dare To Suck”.

These have been bold guideposts for the way I have lived my life, and are no less prominent in my own teachings today.

But what does it really mean to stop caring what others think of you and go on your merry way?

What does that look like? And is there an art to it that doesn’t require me to become an extroverted loud person who dresses like I just stepped off the playa at Burning man?


And like everything here, it’s subtle, and has a more profound effect over time.

It’s not brazen or brash – although the language in this video certainly is! It’s a gentle way to absolute inner and outer freedom. It’s something I am probably more passionate about than anything, and it’s the key to you living a life on your own terms, starting as soon as you finish this video.

Want to know what it is? Watch here to find out.


When you’re done, tell me the adventurous thing I’ve asked you to share with me in the video, in the comments below.

Stay curious, stay open. You ARE the Omega.

Love, Hayley x x

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