The Truth about assumptions


Todays free, helpful reminder is the true meaning of the word “assume”.


It makes an ass out of you, and me. 

I can not count how many times I have made an ass of myself in the moment I didn’t ask the hard, awkward, clarifying question, and instead fabricated or invented my own meaning and interpretation of what was happening before me – based on the last answer (or my hopes).

If someone in the conversation is being vague, or holding back details of the truth, or even assuming you “get” them – assumptions are made.

On the contrary, often it feels more comfortable and less scary to leave a little to the imagination – sometimes we even feel as if we “know” we’re right. It’s all good.

When others make assumptions about you, they are often wrong.

Ask the next question begging to be asked. Don’t assume a thing.


And the quality, and depth and joy of your relationships. And the position you’re in, in life and work. And everything else. Clarity brings power. Clarity brings peace. People can not read your mind. Don’t assume they understand what you’re thinking or feeling – you never know what meaning others have of the same words you speak.

So if there’s something you want to know, you have a right to ask. You have a divine assignment to speak. Even when it hurts a little. Even when it brings some short term discomfort or pain. Even when you’re not sure what will happen once the question is asked and the words come out.

Dig deeper on what you think you know. Go wider on what you think you’ve expressed. Your truth is what will set you free more than anything.

Be Clear, and you’ll do the best service to the world.

Love, Hayley x x

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