Breaking through the financial Glass Ceiling as an employee.

The Real-Time Process of Earning your worth when you’re part of someone else’s system.

I have an extraordinary interview to share with you today, with an extraordinary woman.

What I love so much about this conversation, is that for 2 weeks beyond our interview, it continued. And it got deeper and more real.

Elise Watson is a client of mine who has worked with me at various points over the past 3 years. She’s currently working as a project manager, and playing very curiously with how she can facilitate her own financial freedom while still working in corporate land. But I’ll let her fill you in on that – because she tells it in the most wonderful way. To me, this woman is beyond inspiring. Much like a female Tim Ferriss, Elise plays curiosity cat with how much and how wonderfully she can experience the world she lives in, and make it her own.

Recently, she updated me on what she had been doing since the first time we worked together on her “money story” and the results – not only financially, but in her confidence and her ability to think critically and freely – have been absolutely mind-blowing.

I wanted to share her with you – because I know that sometimes in the online world, people talk about “money stories” and being free, (I do myself too!) and it doesn’t always account for those of us who have full time jobs we’re really great at, and have no intention to leave.

(For the record, this is about 80% of the clients I work with).

Once you’ve watched the interview – where we discuss what she’s done so far up to now to more than triple her income as an employee, make sure you check out the snippets of “real-time-what-this-actually-looks-and-feels-like-in-the-moment” videos she’s so graciously sent my way, as she goes about – like the brave bearcat she is – going for the next level.

I adore this woman so much for not only giving herself the gift of permission to go for it once, but for repeating the process again and again and again – on her own. That’s what it’s all about!

And for some extra goodness and insight, be sure to watch her “real time” as she updated me below on the experience of yet again going for another raise – this time, outside of “performance review” time, and for more money than she has ever made before – after being told “no” earlier this year.

Update: Elise also recently shared with me some of her fear-based “ego-thoughts” that came up during the process. Perhaps you can relate to some of these much like I could!

Delightful self talk I experienced before even asking for the meeting to discuss pay:

  • If I ask for a pay increase I won’t get a month off in November. And which is more important – time or money? Ie: I can’t have both.
  • I should be grateful for what I earn now.
  • My friends from school have newborns and don’t work and don’t have to think about ambition so I feel alone and like these pursuits are shallow. (I’m not really sure this one even makes sense, but it plays on my mind. Not as a fully formed thought, but more like a fine mist.)
  • They’ll say no.
  • They’ll know that I was bluffing and wouldn’t leave.
  • If I get paid more I’ll have to work harder and endure more stress.

Even more delightful self talk the night before as I sat down and went through pay slips and tax and superannuation to get a full understanding of what I would accept if I found myself in the middle of a full-blown negotiation:

  • Elise, this isn’t worth the trouble.
  • Why aren’t you just grateful for what you have?
  • I want a cup of tea.
  • I hate numbers.
  • I don’t deserve this because I left work early last Thursday.

We’ve all got our own personal blend of self-sabotage and a story that stops us from really just going for what we want.

What’s yours? And what do you truly want?

Feel free to leave us a comment below the video and she your biggest insights – I hope Elise inspires you as much as she does me to create your own limits.

Love, Hayley XX