How to stay cool when going for a big sale

The crowd was cheering. Screaming. Our ears were ringing.It was my first time on the “A-Team.” I was the youngest. And the freshest. And I was the last fighter of five.

The Four women in front of me were women I had looked up to, and turned to, for years. They guided me through my tough moments in training and life, and consistently pushed me beyond my edge – and here I was, standing side by side with them, in the final fight for the gold medal in the Female Open Team Kumite at the world titles. It was like a surreal, dream come true.

It was first to 3 wins. 5 Girls on the team. One goes after the other. And the competition was fierce. I had fought my way into this position and I sure as hell didn’t want to let these women down. The Fourth Fighter had just lost by a hair. We were an even 2-2. The last fighter wins the gold.

The crowd were losing their freaking minds. We had coaches, competitors, family members, and a whole lot of spectators almost falling into the ring screaming and cheering, it was incredible.

And it was all on me.

Shivers… I mean, anything could happen. The only thing I could do was stay focused and get the job done.

You know the feeling…

You’ve worked so hard for this. You know you can do the job well, and there’s a lot on the line. If you got this, it would mean a lot to you. Heck, it might even mean the world. But there’s an element here you can’t control – the person in front of you.

So how does a girl stay cool when everything is on the line?

Today I’m talking about staying cool when you’re going for a big sale, but really, you can apply this philosophy when going for a big anything.

Once you’re done watching the video, take a little time to carve out some space in your life for active surrender. How can you do this?

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Until next time, Stay Curious, you are the omega.

Love, Hayley x x

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