Sex, Money and Miracles


A Miracle is a shift in perspective – Gabrielle Bernstein.

One of the topics I most love talking about, is money. This is one of the biggest pain points for most of the people I speak with, and my clients. Either they don’t have enough, it’s stopped coming in all of a sudden, or they’re making heaps, but they’re stressed to the max and unhappy.

How do you have both money, and happiness?

I’ve been there too – plenty of times. And the one message that keeps coming back to me, forever and ever is this:

Money is energy.

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WTF Bro! That doesn’t help me when my “bank account says no” to doing all the baller things I’d pictured I’d be doing by the time I was this age. LIKE BEING ON A BOAT.

I’m no millionaire (yet) but I do know this: what you think about expands. Your subconscious programming and conditioning (which you do have control over) is dictating your entire experience of the world on every level. What you believe is your reality. If you absolutely cannot picture yourself ever buying your dream home, or having a gorgeous garden, or meeting a man who just fits you, or making a million… guess what. If you believe that success and happiness and running your own business and winning and pay rises are great but they are only for other people… hello – guess what you’ll see everywhere around you!

What I have learned from getting to know phrase “money is energy” is not that the papers are just energy, and therefore technically only a quantum-physical manifestation of the sub-particles into physical form…. no no no. Way easier…

Everything you experience in life today, is a result of your energy. Money, Love, Health, Freedom, you name it. It might not all change at once as soon as you shift your energy, but your perspective certainly can, and this affects how you show up on a long-term basis.

The phrase “Money is energy” is referencing the energy you bring to the table when you think about money. And when I say energy, I mean the combination of your beliefs, your fears, your emotions, your experiences, everything – all bundled into your hot little bearcat body that makes you feel the way you do about it, and act the way you do about it — or rather more clearly, not behave in the way that is necessarily in alignment with your desires about it. (Emotional shopping-spree anyone?)

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Truly. Because you are the one person, bringing your “energy” (Bundle of belief systems, remember?) to the floor.

People think that your environment, or how you grew up, or where you grew up, or what your parents did matters to your success. They think this is the key. It’s not. These things matter because they shape you – but if they truly were the reason why someone is successful or not, you could literally put circles on the map for where all the successful people live. It’s not the case.

People who have “made it” in life, come from all walks. Some are super talented – some aren’t! And there are people out there with incredible talent who still manage to fail.

Why do talented people still not make it?

Because there is something that matters more than any of these external situations – and its’ your mindset. Having a belief within yourself to know you can change, to know you are in control of your mindset, and to bring a certain level of what Wallace D Wattles would call “Power Consciousness” to your activities – believing in your success, and believing in your dreams. All this positivity stuff really wasn’t pulled from a unicorns horn and only for people who wear a lot of Camilla.  It’s science!*

This is the work I do every day. Drilling through the immediate issues to the core of why the problem is there in the first place. Looking at all the success and finding the core reasons behind it. Tracing what’s removable, and what’s repeatable. And designing a mindset and a life that aligns.

This week, I have a very special interview to share with you, with my friend, Financial and Sex expert Larissa Zimmerman. I love this conversation because it brings into form two of the most taboo topics on the table – and together we are chatting about why they are linked, and how you can make them both more exciting.

I hope you enjoy it.

Sex, Money & Miracles: An interview with Larisa Zimmerman

After watching, leave me a comment! Let us know about the dare Larissa Mentioned – and what you’re taking away from this. If you like it, please share it. Success, happiness, and money are readily available to everyone when you bring the right “energy.”

Stay Curious, it’s the omega.

Love, Hayley x x

* I will take any chance to add a bit of Ron to my day.