How I met my man. (A universal law to attract anything you want...)



Today, I want to give a testimonial. To life. To being able to create what we want. To following your gut. (Or your intuition).

I was riding my bike this morning, feeling so incredibly grateful for just one thing - the person I am spending my life with right now. He supports me endlessly. (Don't worry, this isn't going to be a post about how great my relationship is and how you can have a great relationship too. I don't believe in separation between you and I like that). It was driven from my gratitude practise. Every day, especially on shitty days, I think of something I'm grateful for, and 5 reasons why I'm grateful for it. You cant be in a bad space when you're feeling grateful, and it keeps things in perspective. This morning, it was Mr J.

It had me thinking back to how I created this.

Yeah, me.

I circled back, and connected the dots... years and years and years ago.

It became so clear to me why it seemed to be so right when we met.

We both created this. Through decisions we made long ago. Thi is how you get into flow.

I made a video by the volcano near our shouse to describe it.


Now, I'd like to hear from you!

Tell me in the comments, what are you waiting on? Are you living in alignment with your highest values right now? Whats ONE small step you're going to take, to start BEING who you nee to be, instead of waiting to have something?

Stay Curious, Stay Open, the life you crave is so much closer than you think.

All love,

Hayley x x

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