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He nonchalantly called my life’s work "inspirational shit". This is what I did.

So next time you're on that metaphorical bus, know this:

In every moment you have a choice. 

…You can choose to let the spiteful, jealous, triggered remarks sink in as a sign to pipe down and hide away. You can catch that disease and wear it as a skin suit. …

Or, you can take it as a sign you're right where you need to be. You're shining bright enough that the people who are here for life will be able to find you, see you, seek you out and stick around.

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Self-conscious and still here.

You don't require an absence of fear to show up and do the thing, you require an absence of belief in that fear.

Maybe that fear is a great sign you're right where you need to be - and more on track than you'll ever know. Maybe, if you give it a whirl for a moment, you'll meet yourself in a new light. You'll get to experience yourself as a triumph over what you previously perceived as reality; your fear.

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Roundabout, or Foggy...One is actually AMAZING. Which one are you?

Foggy…The puzzle pieces are all there, but they have slowly taken shape over time, and some pieces don't make sense yet because there's stuff to learn - the goal is so big it will force you to become someone new to attain it.

First place mindset people - winners - have foggy dreams that become more comprehensive, compelling and impossibly beautiful as time goes on.

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My thoughts on starting before you're ready (and why you shouldn't!)

…I'm also all for trusting in your timing though. ….And for a high performer, someone who is educated in their field, who has runs on the board, who understands their level of risk adversity, who already plays a big game in some way, who is self-aware, and who is deeply connected to their intuition, timing is everything.

Sometimes it makes no logical sense, and the pressure is on, but the answer is still a heart-centred, full-body, not yet. 

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