Why Intuition Sux.....


I hope you’re enjoying the extra videos coming out this week, I’m really enjoying bringing you the extra content!

Today's video comes from Bermuda!

Right now, I’m in preparation time for London and Dublin. (OK not really. I just have to pack my suitcase, which I live out of…) so, minor preparations. I’m more-so preparing how I am going to fit in the amount of things I want to do before I leave New York tomorrow!

I used to get stressed when I didn’t have a plan. I thought I was a flexible person, and so did the rest of the world. But in truth, my desire for control lead me to do outrageous things that others thought were quite flippant, and spontaneous, all in the name of having something to do. I was always on the hunt for the right answer, and distracted by where I thought my life “should” be going, based on my current circumstances.

In effect, letting go like this has given me more control than ever.

Now, I welcome and embrace change. I’ve changed the way I think about change. Change used to mean frustration, and inconvenience,and now, its the complete opposite.

This is because I learned to start trusting in myself, and my body, which is what this video is about today. But that’s not always easy!

In the last 3 days, my plans for the next few months have drastically changed. It would make sense for me to be stressed and upset about this, but when your decisions come from the right place, even if you don’t know where they will lead you, there’s a significant feeling of inner-calm that slices away the paranoia. It can be a hard-slog though, if you don’t know how to embrace this genuis tool.

Have a look at the video to see why intuition SUX, and keep your eyes peeled for Dunlop. The most gorgeous puppy I’ve ever met! Once you’re done, leave me a comment on the blog and tell me where the two places in your body are: right and wrong. The more specific you can get, the easier your task will be.

Have fun!

On a side note, this week is shake it up week at Elite Life HQ. We’re all looking at our lives and asking ourselves, “whats that thing I’ve been thinking about doing for ages?”, and simply closing our eyes and locking it in.

If you want to join in the fun, feel free to post some pictures on the facebook page! I’m playing too. Tonight, I’m getting a new tattoo! I'll update you when its all done.

Have a Fabulous Day,


Hayley “Close Your Eyes & Just Do It” Carr