My Confession and New Direction...


I’m writing to you from a gorgeous Villa, in Andaluca, Spain. It’s almost right on the Southern tip, up in the desert mountains. Next week, I’m taking a flight to Morocco from here for a little desert adventure. You’ll see all the up-to-the-minute details on Facebook and Instagram. =) I had no idea I’d be here a few weeks ago!

This weeks post is a little different to usual.

The past 3 weeks have been Amazing! And, as you can see, I also took a little time to disconnect and set up some new systems. I’m almost finished!

To give you a little update, I have been in London, and Dublin, running some workshops with my friend Peter Shaw, which were amazing! (In Fact, I’ll be heading back to London at the end of the month for another workshop! It will be a 1-day intensive featuring some Laser-Focused peak Performance initiatives, and I’ll send out more details in a few days.)

While I was away, something amazing happened, and if there’s anywhere I want to share it, its with you, as a dear Hayley Carr TV viewer of mine.

For the past 12 years I have been a top competitor in my Karate World Titles Tournament. I’ve been winning my divisions since the age of 15, and I have 9 individual World Titles under my belt, 4 of which are Open-Weight Black Belt Titles.

Now, here’s where I have a confession to make...

In order to keep that up for so many years, karate was my life. I lived and breathed that competition. As soon as one comp was over, I was back training for the next one - 2 years down the track. In fact, I trained so hard at one stage I burnt out for 2 years. I really identified with being the World Champ. In fact, my friends used to introduce me to new people as, “This is Hayley, she’s the World Champion at Karate” and even though it made me cringe, I didn’t know myself any other way.

This year, 2013, has been one of massive upheaval and change, and, whilst the details of that are for another post, one of the biggest catalysts of my new direction in these past few months, was to skip out on the competition this year. Massive. Scary. Decision.

It didn’t make sense to skip it at the time I made the decision, and, as you’ll see why in this video, I was OK with that.

However, I promised myself if I wasn’t going to be there, I wanted to be somewhere pretty dreamy to distract me from the fact that I’d feel like I was missing an arm.

Magically, without planning, I ended up in this little cottage in Donegal.

I think you’ll approve.

However, the most magical thing happened that weekend. While I was pottering about getting up to adventurous mischief with my Irish and Australian friends in the little cottage in Donegal, waiting with baited breath to hear the results of my (now World Champion) Clients (YIPEE!), family members, and friends, as well as who would reign the new Open Female World Champ, and feeling a wee bit lost, my Karate family got one leg-up on me, and made me this video. (while they were supposed to be competing!)

Its the most incredible thing anyone has ever gifted me. And it made me cry. I hope you enjoy it.

I couldn’t speak for about 3 hours afterwards, and I still had no words to reply to the video when I saw it after 8 hours. It completely blew me away. Their kindness still does.

I feel extremely grateful and humbled that not only was I still there in spirit, but that even though I left so suddenly and haven’t come back yet, (which surprised me too!) I’m getting a thumbs up for making my choice.

Now that I’ve wiped the snot away from my face, and awoken from my shock-phase, I’m going to honour those thumbs... It’s time to get on with things properly, which is exactly what I am doing. Thankyou.

You’ll see in the coming weeks, my new Elite Life Website, which is super exciting, and a number of other new surprises and products rolling out in the next few months too, all designed to help you shake things up, and get moving.

I’ll be updating you from wherever I happen to be, which is looking at this stage like Europe this month, and North & Central America Next Month, and I have 3 coaching spots opening up too, so grab ‘em while they’re hot.

But most importantly, I want to hear from you.

What’s the biggest and best thing you’d like to see on this blog?

How can I help you?

How can I serve you best?

What’s your biggest Issue right now, that needs resolving? What’s your biggest Challenge?

I read every email that comes my way, so please, hit me up at and fill me in. Any and every bit of feedback and suggestion will be much appreciated.

In the meantime, Stay Classy, keep thriving!


Hayley “Thankyou-for-the-Music” Carr