Watch This Video if you Need a Wake-Up Call.


This photo was taken in Ria Lagartos, Mexico a few weeks ago... I did a private tour to see the Flamingoes! ... I did see Flamingoes I swear...

Hola Gorgeous!

I’m day 2 into a 3-day juice cleanse as I sit here and type to you...

I’d like to say I’m a total goddess who can sit around and still look and feel amazing while drinking pond-scum for 3 days… but I’m not. Not even close. And I actually like the stuff!

But, being in New York has made me half-insomniac, and a social butterfly. That means a few too many evenings with “just one glass of wine,” hence, l am almost in struggle-town.

But It’s all good!

You know why? Cos’ it’s a first world problem…

I have to warn you… even I was a little shocked when I re-watched this video… It’s literally a virtual bitch-slapping. And a forewarning: I dropped the f-bomb too.***

When I left Cuba, I felt like a selfish brat. I had just spent a week in a country where people really do feel suck, because they really are… I explain it more in the video.

I want you to know that all of this is said with love, and its a video I will be re-watching as a letter to myself any time I get all ‘first-world’ and ‘entitled’ and, quite frankly lazy.

This is what traveling does to me sometimes… It wakes me up to the opportunities I have laid out in front of me on a daily basis, and gives my ego a shake and stir, kicking me back into being grateful and taking action.

I hope you enjoy, and it does the same for you too...

When you’re done watching, leave me a comment below and tell me what you’re waiting for… Lets declare the end of first-world-privileged laziness and waiting for permission from nobody!

Happy Hump Day!

With Love from New York,

Hayley XX

***sorry mum!