How to Handle a Sh*tstorm of Unfortunate Events in a Sanctioned Country...


What do YOU do when shit hits the fan?

Are you cool, calm and collected? Or do you completely lose your marbles, and freak out before you know the story?

I used to be the latter. Jumping to conclusions, and always anxious about the worst possible scenario. A walking jitter-bug...

Todays' video is an inside story. I filmed it in Cuba, after one of the most testing days of my life. You’ll see we are a little shaken up and weary at the end. But, still laughing after being able to put this lesson into practise.

Here’s how to deal with the world when all evidence points to floating up the creek without a paddle… It’s a pretty far-out idea, but it has worked for me;

Every. Single. Time.

And, keep your eyes peeled! You get to meet some of my travel buddies! Including the Cuban Basketballer who caused us as much stress as he saved us from...

Have a watch, and leave me a comment below the video, letting me know where you need to trust a little more, and, what your style is when the proverbial bites the dust… you know I love to hear from you! 

Love, Hayley xx