My Profound Learning about the link between my mouth and flexibility...


Howdy Howdy! 

I am so happy to be bringing you this love note today.

The past few weeks, I’ve been travelling around, and to be honest, the entire course of my life has changed. What was going to be a 10 day holiday has now turned into a 6 month tour of the other side of the planet, new friends, new business lifestyle, and speaking engagements in London, and Costa Rica!

My schedule has been packed, but really, I haven’t brought you videos consistently because I’v been building a new website, and a few new systems too. (More to come soon)

Everything should be back on track now, thanks for your love and patience.

I’m back in New York!

First time round, didn’t buy it, I have to admit. I wasn’t prepared. It ate me up and spat me out.

Second time round, loving it.

What’s the difference?


I slowed down.

Must be the yoga!

This weeks video is so quick, but was such a profound lesson for me. (I learned it from my yoga teacher in Mexico!)

In my coaching, I teach this stuff intuitively. I love it when science backs it up.

Check it out and see for yourself, and when you’re done, leave me a comment with what your body niggles are linked with.

 Being in touch with your body is the first step to massive peak performance. (tweet that shiz!)

It’s always about going within, and finding answers for yourself. 

Lots of love, 

Hayley xx

P.S - Here is a link to the first book I read about this kind of thing. 

Have an amazing Day! =)