How to Make the Big Things Happen Quickly, and with a Little More Ease


(Brooklyn Bridge, NYC NYC, 2013) 

Guess what?!?! I'm In MEXICO!! Yup!

So, it was one of my big goals for the year to get my butt to New York and Mexico. I had no idea it would play out this way. It all started from a determination to attend a conference with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Live in New York. I thought It was going to be in August this year, and I'd have some time to prepare and procrastonate, and get there with a friend.


May it was. So, I had 10 days to prepare. Due to that fact, I decided to take my work with me so I wouldn't be missing out on speaking with my clients. Well well well, didn't I get a surprise when my intuition spoke up and said,

"Hayley, you need to go for longer..."


Hmm. So, I had 10 days to turn my business into one that could be run from anywhere, in-between working all day every day, and having people come and visit and stay with me! It was quite the challenge, and I learnt a few lessons.

Big Hairy Ones...

Ever felt like when you’re on the road to making a big project happen, all of a sudden you’re up the creek without a paddle, and the task is waaaaay bigger than expected?

Ever had that mad rush where you’ve needed all the help you can get to scrounge it through at the last minute?

Ever crossed the finish line and needed a holiday?

It doesn’t need to be like this! (No… seriously!!)

I’ve noticed something. Humans have this totally weird mentality towards help. We only ever seek it when there’s a MASSIVE problem, and this in itself is super stressful.

Do you stubbornly seek help only when you last need it, or do you have a circle of support at your fingertips to make life awesome, just because you deserve it? If you’re not in the latter category, and you’re feeling like life isn’t quite looking how you thought it once would, I have the answer for you, 'cos I certainly did fee that way a few weeks ago! And I want to help you avoid going through that...

Take a look at the video, and leave me a comment after you’ve watched it with your commitments.

I really thrive on, and respect when people watch my videos and let me know they’ve taken action. It warms my heart and it’s the best feeling when you apply the lessons you get immediately... Give it a whirl!

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Yours in nomadic bliss,

Love, Hayley xx

P.S - If support looks to you like having a chat with me about your health, confidence, business, or genuine love of life, get in touch, now. Im a pro at helping you unblock your life-arteries and getting sh*t done that’s been hanging around for aaaages. What are you waiting for? Contact me.