Honest & Humpworthy - Taking Back Control of Your Health


Happy Hump Day! Randomly, I’m in New York! It happened sooooo fast. I love spontaneity. It soothes my soul. It makes me feel... Alive. It expands my energy… do you know what does that to you? - I’m shooting videos here in Central Park, and in about a week, I’m going to Mexico to work from there for a while. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be coming to you from here. I have always wanted a location-independent lifestyle, and it feels like I’m living  a dream!

Psst: Check the facebook page for live updates, or, go to my Instagram for even more pics!

Something I have noticed however, is that - whilst there is a ginormous park here, being in New York City is full-on. In the United States, the health situation is strange. Government policies and campaigns restrict the general public from having the information they need to nourish themselves - the health industry is huge, but it needs more help.

On every street, if you’re hungry, you can find doughnuts, and soft drink everywhere - but hardly anything fresh - let alone trees! (Unless you’re in Brooklyn, or Central Park). On every corner there’s a cart selling pretzels (not the little Aussie ones, big bread ones), cakes, candied peanuts, etc. The health crisis is an epidemic, because it’s way too easy to not eat healthy.

Thankfully, there are so many ways we can combat this, and, this weeks post is great timing, especially if you’re one of my viewers in New York - this weeks episode was made for you.

I’m always on a health mission - to empower people to make healthy choices, no matter who or where you are, or what you do. Health is more important than anything. Life cannot be lived to its full extent without you being at your most vibrant.

That said, and speaking of Vibrancy, this months Honest & Humpworthy interview is with a dear friend of mine, and one of the most radiant-with-health people that I know. And, she’s a pro at de-bunking the myth that being healthy requires a lot of effort - she even shocked ME with how little time she spend tending to her garden.

Meet Nicola Chatham - The new generation gardener… have a watch of this video, especially if you think you can’t have a garden, because you’re in an apartment, and don’t be surprised if you have to pick up your jaw off the floor after its over, she’s a mountain of positive knowledge.

Keep Your eyes peeled for when she totally shocks me about how much time she actually spends in her garden!

Once you’re done, leave us a comment below and tell us what you would like your garden to do for you, weather it be to nurture your health, have a relaxing place to come to every day, or to teach your kids about “the birds and the bees!”

Happy Hump Day!

Love, Hayley xx