How to BANISH Your To-Do List & Birth Creative Babies - You Genuis You!


WUHOO!! I just LOVE sending out these videos to you every week.

You know, if you really do put this stuff into practise, I’m warning you, you will fall absolutely, deeply, head over heels in love with your life. The ups, the downs, everything.

You will start to see that your entire life is a playground of opportunity to put the tools from these videos (my best stuff) into practise.

It’s juts a simple fine-tuning of the day to day things you’re already doing, which allows you to think clearly about how you are showing up in the world, and make better decisions.

Todays video is all about clearing the to do list quickly, and, I warn you, you get to watch me, birthing a LIVE creative BABY… keep your eyes peeled… its especially graphic…

Most of you will hate your action challenge this week, I can almost guarantee. There will be an excuse that you will come up with to NOT do it. And for some, its simply not do-able, because its way too scary. If this is you, I urge you, to just start small. Start trusting your brain. Start with a shopping list.

As always, leave me a comment below the video and report back with your insights. Its SO awesome to connect with you on facebook too!

Love, Hayley xx

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