You Don't Need to Travel to Feel Fearless, Fuelled & Free.


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I was sitting in the patients chair of a mindfulness practitioners office.

I had been finding it hard to breathe.

I was teary-eyed.

It was the first step.

“I just don’t feel right. I’m not happy unless I am on the move. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, it’s the way I am, except, my body can’t keep up with it any more. I need to travel to feel happy, but I physically can’t travel at the moment. I can’t keep up with myself.”

I was gutted.


A little desperate.

I wanted to get back to feeling “me” again.

“Tell me why you love to travel. What is happening to you when you’re on the move as you say”

“When I’m travelling, I feel more alive than anywhere else - ever. Every single one of my senses is heightened - including my instincts. I feel happy, I take in absolutely everything - sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures… and things flow really naturally. Good things come easily. I even get more done at work - and I have less time to do it!”

I could feel myself lighting up, and loosening up just talking about it.

And then, feeling sad again that it wasn’t possible for me to go anywhere any time soon.

I had made a decision half way through last year, despite having tickets to America, (And Burning Man), that I would stay in the country and sort out a few niggling health issues I had not been able to completely eradicate. Niggling, meaning, borderline bad. I desperately wanted to get on a plane, but something in me told me to stay put - no matter how uncomfortable I was. I admitted to myself I didn’t feel whole - and I wasn’t going to move until I had dealt with what I needed to face.

If I had left, I would have been running away.

(I am excited to say, upon writing this article that my decision has been totally worth it, and I’ll fill you in on the details soon, but this first step I took - this scary part where I admitted to someone else that I didn’t feel right - has been the foundations to my answer.)

He looked me directly in the eye. With compassion, and, in my fuzzy state, what appeared to be joy.

“The reason why you feel so good when you are travelling, is not because you are travelling. In fact, travel has nothing to do with it at all…”

I’m ready to get up and leave at this point. He clearly heard nothing I just said. ***cue deep, internal teenager-esque sigh***

“It’s because when you are travelling, you are completely living in the present moment.”

Friend, I am not kidding. This line. This simple line - has changed the trajectory of my life.

You know those moments when someone tells you the same thing you’ve heard a thousand times before… except it hits you for six and you finally get it? I finally got it.

When you are fully living in the present moment - nothing else exists.

Your senses are heightened, because you are giving space to what is in front of you - instead of thinking about your to do list, or that person who texted you, or if the iron is on, or whats for dinner. When you come back to the moment, the moment broadens, and feels spacious. Where there is space, there is always more to be discovered. This is why your senses come alive.

This is why things flow. Because you do what needs to be done in the moment without anxiety and or fear of the future, and without resentment or old beliefs or emotions from the past. 

This is why you feel happy. Because you have released your judgements about how the world should be - and instead - take it for what it is and observe it.

This is why you get things done, even though you have less time. Because you are naturally in a situation where you can be fully engaged in your work. Maybe it’s on a plane, or a train, or in a cabin where you can’t see the distractions around you. Or in a cafe where you can’t get up and leave your desk because your computer will be stolen.

This is why you are not afraid when things go wrong - because the future is purely for creation - it is not written yet. And when you are present, you get to make new, delicious choices in every moment.

It’s all an example of being right in this, beautiful, delicious, present moment.

Travel is certainly a catalyst.

But the “Eat Pray Love” thing isn’t necessary to get there.

Trust me. I’ve done it.

When you surrender to now, you will find freedom within you - where it has always been.

When you surrender to now, you become fuelled by the space and the details of your senses. It’s where inspiration and energy peaks.

When you surrender to now, there is no fear, because there is no meaning - only sensuality.

It’s pretty delicious.

Why don’t you try it?

I made you something. It’s a meditation - and it’s called The Delicious Here and Now. It’s 10 minutes and 51 seconds of bliss.

I gift it to all my personal clients as a self-coaching practise - and now, I want you to have it. Because I want you to see how much closer you are to the life you crave.

Download your Free Meditation right here. 

Have a listen - it’s free - and let me know what you think. Are your senses heightened? Are you happier? Can you breathe deeper? Tell me in the comments below what a difference being even juts a little more in the now, might do for you - in your work, your relationships, your finances, and your health. I cant wait to read what you have to say.

To this moment,


Hayley x x


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