How To Get Selfish Right: Part 2


A Hola & Happy Day to you! I hope you’re rocking your wednesday all around the world, wherever you happen to be.

Right now, I’m in sunny Santiago, Chile!

Now, in this video, I’m not in Chile. In fact, I’m in Morocco, climbing a mountain! It was a beautiful experience. We climbed all night, in the freezing cold, totally under-prepared to reach the summit at sunrise. It was so incredible. I love doing spontaneous challenges such as this to keep me humble and feeling in awe of mother nature. And then I got too confident running back down and stacked it. MY gosh did it hurt.

This video however - I have to warn you about. It’s messy, and as I continue to talk, the sun goes down. But, you get to see some kick-ass Atlas mountain scenery.

Sometimes I get inspired, and when I have my video camera, I start to talk.

Listen to the message, and take action.

Last week you got some homework to do around being selfish, and this week, is a continuation of that point. We are going to take a deep look inside of your psychology around how you are currently programmed to think about the type of activity I gave you. And re-work it.

Take a look at the video, and afterwards, let me know on the blog what you are committed to doing selfishly.

I do have to warn you, without watching the video, that last statement is going to seem totally weird. But when you understand the point made here, it will revolutionise the way you start to live your life, and the way you consider the way you show up for other people in it too.

That’s worth iterating your day for.

**learnt that term here at exosphere.

When you’re done, leave me a comment. Let me know - How are you going to show up differently now and be selfish?

Stay Classy!

Love, Hayley x x

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