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How do you get to be a cash-generating creatrix?

Shift your money mind set + Quantum leap  = #SuperAbundant always +
Change your future and the world

Course Starting 18th September 2019


Hit swoon-worthy, almost too-good-to-be-true money goals that change your entire life, lineage, & impact on the planet, without sacrificing your energy, your time, or your love-life (and stay there)

Even if you think you can't possibly create anything better than what you have, though you secretly want to!

Join me on a 6-week experience to becoming rich, rested, and a positive force of nature in your work.

You had me at #Superabundant.

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 You deserve to know how to make more money on your terms.



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Wealth on Wealth on Wealth.

Creating an abundance mindset and keeping it - no matter what.

And it starts in the most crucial paddock on the farm.

The one between your ears.

"Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought."

- Napoleon Hill.

We've been sold a giant set of contradictory porkie-pies (that's Hayley-slang for LIES my friend) about money and abundance right through history, especially if you're a woman.

From the unhealthy, fear-inducing porky-pies, like:

"It's not spiritual to want for money, It's 'cheap' to pursue money. It's dangerous to focus too much energy on making money - because you'll lose your moral values and become a greedy, entitled show-off asshat, and you'll forget to appreciate the important things that money can't buy"...

To the scarcity-based porkies, including:

"Be grateful with what you have and make the most of it instead of wanting more all the time" and "The best way to double your money is to fold it over and stick it back in your pocket!", to "Rich people are greedy show-offs", and "Debt is an emergency you need to eradicate immediately"...

To the even more unhealthy and quite ‘toxic-positive’ porky pies, such as,

"We need to make our own money and empower ourselves with having it - in order to 'take back' power and femininity and control", and, "It's better to have your own money and be independent than to be a 'kept woman'"...

(Hint: this last one sounds really nice on the surface - but in truth, you don't need money or abundance for power and independence, you need to feel powerful and independent for that. Paradoxically, feeling powerful and independent also makes you more money (and I'll show you how. Keep reading.) 

If you've been subject to any of the above, you'd think to make more money, and living in a paradigm of #superabundance, would mean sacrificing something sacred to you, and you can’t have it all.

Actually, you can.

Sacred things like; your spirituality, groundedness, your desire to have nice things and be comfortable now rather than waiting, your time at home with the kids, remembering what's important in life, even being your authentic self - because being "too much" or "too rich" will certainly make people uncomfortable, right?

No wonder you're feeling torn.


  • You're not a powerful person with control over your life who can do what she wants, unless you're making your own money, have no debt, independently of the people you love.

  • And if you want to 'get ahead', take what you've got, tighten your belt, make the most of the what's left and work harder than you already are for a little bit more.

  • Also, If you have debt, you should probably feel secretly a bit ashamed of yourself, but at the very least, you should give up most enjoyments (and definitely no major #hellyes 'frivolous' purchases) until every last cent is paid off. THEN you can feel like a worthwhile human being. Debt = Bad, No debt = Good. 

  • And if you're someone who pursues money, and enjoys making it, you're missing the meaning of LIFE, you're probably 'greedy,' and you might end up rich - but definitely alone. 


Money = power

Money = control 

Money = not being controlled by your husband, or anyone

Money = independence,

Money = freedom

Money = confidence


Money = you have no morals, (and no taste) - you heathen!

Money = working your tail off

Money = leaving people behind 

Money = forgetting what's important

Money = no happiness.

Do you know what money really is? 

Nothin’ but energy.

It's got nothing to do with your ability to feel powerful.

It's got nothing to do with your femininity.

It's got nothing to do with your independence.

It's got nothing to do with your morals.

It's got nothing to do with your marriage (unless you're in a marriage because of a financial arrangement, but it won't stop you) and…

It's got nothing to do with your spirituality, your connectedness to god, your ability to be a grounded human who remembers what's important in life, your worth, and even nothing to do with money itself.

**It helps with some of these things, but they’re not a bi-product of having money. And this is one of secrets to being #superabundant.

Money isn’t even about money.

Money, and all these things are separate. 




I'm here to help you shift to a mindset of abundance, make bank, and stay there… through the ups, and the downs.

Because I believe one of the greatest ways you can change the world, starts with you getting over your money struggles.

If ticking boxes and working harder was really all it took, we wouldn't be in this predicament. 

You can be showing up, working hard, saving, doing all the "right" things, and yet continuing to create circumstances where you wind up broke, on the roller coaster of feast or famine, or always in the "just enough" or "never quite enough" territory.

I know because I've been through it, and I have helped many others through it too.

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It's not just about what you do;
it's about who you are, and how you think.

It's about both: 

What you do when the proverbial hits the fan... 

Who are you in response to those situations? Do you hide? Do you throw a tanty and spend the day fretting over losing everything? Or do you focus on where you're going?

Who you are when things are going super well and feel easy, too...

Do you stop showing up and hide away exhausted?
Do you feel guilty about things being good? Do you stress that something bad will happen now? Or do you remain unattached and feel completely deserving at all times?

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Let's get everything you do aligned with the things you want. 

This is where I come in.


Hayley Carr 9 X World Champion Karate

Hey, I'm Hayley Carr

Before I was a leadership coach to superfreaks, I was a 8X world champion martial artist, and interior architect who spent a bit of time doing film & TV acting on the side. I was also someone who got really, really sick, bedridden for a few years, told I'd never heal, and then blew everyone away when I made an epic comeback and won my 9th World Title. 

Testimonial on Hayley Carr “I’m making more money than I ever have in my life, and it’s easier and more in flow than anything, ever” Sammie Fleming Hayley Carr

I'm the (self-proclaimed of course) queen of creating unrealistic, seemingly impossible, how-did-you-do-that-so-easily results for myself, and my clients.

It looks like magic... except I'm a sucky magician because I give away all the secrets like free milkshakes. #theybringalltheboystotheyard

I've helped my around-the-globe collective clients and students make (and even save) millions of extra dollars - in their own authentic way - as a result of being my client - mostly as a side-benefit of working with me.

For over a decade, I coached people to stop focusing on the "process" of goal attainment and start growing into the person who already has what they want (with ease) so as soon as they wake up every day they know what to do to get there, and when to do it, they also know it wasn't a fluke, and they can repeat it again. 

And now, I'm taking the best of what I teach on creating the impossible, and freeing yourself from what you can't see is unconsciously ruling your life, in leadership, peak performance, energy, and a holistic winning mindset, and applying it specifically to one thing: 



#Superabundant will add cash-generating creatrix magic to the big-hearted, purpose driven human you already are.

 "It's a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money."

- Albert Camus.



Quantum-Leap your money mindset and
become a cash-generating creatrix.

In becoming #superabundant you will be...

  • Shattering every limit and idea you've ever perceived about money - so you can choose consciously, and without fear, the life you wanna live, and who you wanna be, and then go live it with ease.

  • Generating a mindset of abundance on all levels and staying there, even in those moments when the shit hits the fan.

  • Ditching the conditioning and programming you've picked up through life around money, what we're allowed, visibility, and having it all, 

  • Allowing yourself to think and be whatever you want and make money from that space. Yep! Make more money by being more you. 

  • Removing the stigma that money has in so many peoples' mindsets and connecting a greater vision, purpose, and meaning to be resourced with money to do good in the world and for ourselves.

  • Creating the world you see before you.

    And it's also for a really good purpose.

    You know that by healing a lineage of shitty money beliefs, you're changing the world with your life.



With me as your guide, in this six-week, online mentoring experience, you're going to give yourself crazy unapologetic permission to have everything you want.

AND... I'll support your transformation of becoming the person who has it - and doesn't stress about money anymore - for good.

You're going to transform from playing it safe and small to being of highest service to the world, in your most authentic-to-you way, and getting paid for it.

Through all this, every cell in your body will be baked in #superabundant codes that transcend through you to everyone you touch in this life. You're going to change the future.

This is for you, and this is for everyone you're connected to - in this life and others. 

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 I’m not a betting woman, but if I was, I’d bet you were curious...

Is it possible for you to transcend your (very human) hangups, anxieties, and fears around money - for good?

  • To see just how close you are to everything you could ever want. 

  • To feel what it's like to live in a world where there's more money than you know what to do with.

  • To know what kind of person you'd be if you could really do all the things you want to do in this life, and more. (Hint: you won't become an asshat, unless you're already one!)

  • And even if you've hit a new high for yourself, and you don't think things could get any better for you right now...

You might also be...

  • Done with having fear about the future - not only because you're not sure if what you want is possible, but every time things are going really well, you become afraid something bad will happen!

  • Stuck in the same mindset you learned as you grew up, that's in conflict with where you want to go from here. Living out the belief systems, patterns, and stories of your parents, the people who raised you, in the environment in which you grew up.

  • Tired of working harder, and seeing only tiny results that don't seem sustainable in the long run. It's exhausting to think about wanting more all the time (because it's always been exhausting to create it!) Does it ever end?

  • Curious about taking things to your very own definition of 'next level,' A little more luxury here, a little more wild there...

  • Getting a sense that you're missing something in the "making money" department. Secretly jealous of people who seemingly have these "charmed" existences where they have the money and the freedom they want - and they seemed to create it overnight for themselves. (#Illhavewhatsheshaving?)

  • Chasing your tail and feeling grim about ever being able to live your secret dreams 

  • Wondering what kind of person you could be if you got over all your hangups for good - and started playing bigger, feeling better about it. 

  • "Over" feeling like you can never quite have it exactly the way you want it - skimping out on yourself buying the cheap and affordable things instead of what you really want - all the time.

  • Terrified of what people might think of you, or who you might become, or who you might lose if you became super wealthy on your own. 

  • Stuck in paralysis because you're afraid you'll have to sacrifice something important to you to take the next step. 

  • A wee bit scared of being judged by your family and friends if you outgrow them. Or worse, feeling guilty and ending up giving away all your money!

  • Repeatedly arguing with yourself trying to dull your desires and telling yourself money won't make you happy; you should be grateful for what you have.

  • Unwilling to sacrifice your soul to make money. 

  • Wondering if it's even possible to transcend what you've come to know so well as your 'reality' over the years, for something greater, richer, more sustainable, and *pinch me*.

  • Ready to let go of whatever is in the way right now, whatever that is.

Everything you want is so much closer than you think. 

You have it in you, right now, to completely change your future.

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 What's Included:

  • Instant access to the private Facebook group, PLUS instant access to the pre-course work

  • 6 weekly training sessions of energetic, financial, spiritual, and mindset upgrades all-around money, wealth, abundance, eradicating scarcity and spending with purpose.

  • Lifetime access to all the future classes and all updated content.

  • VIP access to me in group setting for Q&A times. 

  • 9 x Bonus training sessions on specific scenarios done-for-you - including for network marketers, making sales without selling, removing money anxiety for good and more (see the breakdown of the lessons)

  • Meditations and modalities for abundance and relaxo-receiving, specialised inquiry work for personal breakthroughs you'd expect from a private coaching session with me.


 Here's what you'll learn:

WEEK 1: The energetic upgrade. 

Get clear on (and give yourself full permission to have) what you want to create. Learn how to uncover where you're gripping onto stuck energy (and money too tightly) and playing out beliefs, you don't need anymore, about money, and how to clear those beliefs for good. You're going to take radical responsibility for everything you desire, and everything that's in your way, and overcome your fears about getting there this week! This is truly taking back power.

WEEK 2: Open to receiving and re-wiring the rules and expecting MIRACLES.

You'll be opening up the channels for money to come your way in new streams of income, and new and unexpected ways. You'll learn about the natural laws of prosperity, what to do when things get tough, and creating your unique-to-you, "how-to" get there. No more guru-worshipping for a strategy, no more feeling like what you're doing isn't enough; this is creating a life from the inside out and having an energy of positive expectation at every turn. I'll show you why the unseen forces are a force of nature you should be counting on, and being "realistic" is a trap. 

This week will be a gentle but fierce reminder of how many choices you have at this moment, and just how powerful you are right now. Get ready...

WEEK 3: Get intimate with Money.

Develop a relationship and new energetic response to money as though it were a lover. Is there anything standing between you and really living in super-abundance? Get honest, get communicative, get clear on where you're going according to your values, get aligned, and become all-in behind what you're doing so you can sell yourself and your work with confidence. Where do you limit your capacity to receive more? 

In this session, we'll be exploring the codes for really tapping into money as an energetic concept rather than a physical one, and therefore leaving behind every story you've ever told yourself about why you can't have it. Get ready to exit the money matrix and begin graduating to 'cash generating creatrix!'

WEEK 4: Create New Habits, Clearing the Lineage, Take Quantum Leaps

This week is all about creating a new foundation, strong enough to hold you as you grow. We'll be creating ways for you to take care of your money, so it grows itself, and so it supports you through thick and thin, the middle-class mindsets around debt and savings that stunt your ability to receive in a big way, how to stop being so tight with yourself and start making more money as a result, and getting EXCITED about the future, rather than stressing about it (even in trying times). You'll learn about unconditional trust with your intuition, and creating new lineage stories for you, your family, and the people you lead. This week is about connecting to the higher purpose behind doing this for yourself. It's not selfish to want for more, and you'll embody why.

WEEK 5: Going Next-Level. 

We're talkin' raising prices, standards of living on all layers - from your home to your relationships, levels of support, bank accounts, conscious spending, leadership roles, level of investment in yourself, and dealing with the guilt of having more money, too. (Does it mean you have to pay for everyone else now?) You'll massively increase your capacity to receive and to relax into new levels. Again, and again, and again. 

WEEK 6: oceans of #Superabundance

No more questioning if it can last. No more ‘making just enough and then stopping’. This week is about living in a created world of 'more than enough, always’, and ‘up and up and up’. Making your own rules where anything is possible. We'll specifically focus on one rule; generating a life of gushing supply, living from a created place of "there is always more than enough available" as your standard way of being. Then, doing great things with your money, too.

Continue to increase your capacity to receive on repeat whenever you choose, knowing when and how to do so, and what to do to stay in the energy of tapping into purpose, and gushing supply.

Plus, You’ll get these mind-bending bonuses:

  • Network Marketing Masterclass

  • Making sales on command, without selling, or being "salesy".

  • "Wealth consciousness" for business owners. Being comfortable with spending money when necessary and leadership operations from the feminine.

  • How to deal with money anxiety

  • Asking for Pay Rises and Increases within the workplace

  • My Manifestation Practise that works every time.

  • How to deal with, and think about debt.

  • Releasing the fears of success and becoming rich

  • How to 10X any given situation!

  • Creating Limitless Opportunities

  • Receive MORE

  • Activate your Energy

  • Refuse to Shrink Back

  • My personal library of energy shifting resources.


You’re ready for this if you are:

  • Ready to step into thinking and receiving like a high earning woman.

  • Unafraid to go deep into your mindset, excavate, and unlearn.

  • A believer in accepting help from someone who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. 

  • Willing to take full responsibility (and hence, power back) - right down to an energetic level - of your ability to manifest and create your circumstances

  • On an influential or leadership path, and want to make sure the example you set for the people you affect is a powerful one that transforms lives. 

  • Clear that part of your purpose in this life is to be of high service to the world

  • Aware in the depths of your bones, there's more for you to experience in this life. As good as it is, this can't just be it. (Even if what "it" is and how to get there, feels more "black-hole-ish" than "S.M.A.R.T goals-ish" right now) ;) 

  • Already faithful in unseen forces, and want to know how to leverage them. 


 Let me show you how to transform from fear to faith, to financial powerhouse.

#superabundant isn't just a course; it's a community and a way of life. 

Come and enjoy six weeks diving in deep with me, and then you'll have all the time in the world to re-watch, re-listen, re-do and re-wire yourself.

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I want to tell you a little more about why I'm doing this. 

I didn't grow up rich, or poor. I didn't know what I was.

But there was always this underlying stress, a low-level of anxiety about money in my household growing up. I know you might relate.

It was never really talked about, it was felt. The idea of making more money felt hard because what I knew was you had to work hard to make money (like, really, really hard), and I worked really hard, but I didn't make very much. The fear that something bad could be ahead was always there. It felt stressful and out of my control.

It never occurred to me this was an option or a mindset; it just was what it was. It was my experience and the experience of the people I was closest to. I never questioned it, and I just operated within it.

It wasn't until I started coaching people, digging into the source of peak performance, I realised how much mindset translates across everything, and everywhere. How we do one thing is how we do everything. I was never stressed in the ring as a fighter because my energy was focused - even in an emergency. But the slightest blip on my financial radar - like a parking ticket or a late payment - could send me in a tailspin.

Web-hannah puechmarin-hayley carr-6000.jpg

Slowly, over years, I began to untangle my mindsets on my own about working hard, making money, my ability to trust myself, to make up the rules, and to change my mind and choose again if I found a better, easier, faster, more aligned way to live and breathe. I felt so free.

The money struggle was my biggest lesson of all. 

It felt like the one thing I couldn't get a handle on. No matter how successfully I could do other things - even miraculously get over a supposedly incurable disease - money still felt like a mystery.

Now that it's not, I feel free. I get to do really damn good things with my money. I support causes and people in which I believe. I've created jobs. I've helped people get out of terror around this subject and go on to make half a million dollars a year. I've told my man to quit his job. We bought our dream house and helped my parents retire.

What makes me most proud though, is that I've exited the money matrix and stuck my hand out to help more than enough people now from all different walks of life to do it too, that I know it's not a fluke, It's a choice.

I've come out the other end of this adventure knowing both how to get myself out of a financial pickle and make money on command (and I'll show you how), but also that I have choice and power over my life. 

And there's a big difference between "having" a choice, and "making" a choice. 

#superabundant is everything I know about making new, powerful, liberating choices - both in moments of low, and high. It's what I've taught my clients for over a decade, condensed into a specified six-week experience with me on this worthy topic.

I want to help you step into your power now, ditch the struggle, and change your future, too. 

Join me if you’re ready to stop making such a “thing” about money, raise your vibe to a whole new level, and become a cash generating creatrix.

Love, Hayley 

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 Here's what will happen:

Upon enrolment, you'll be sent an email with a link to the #superabundant Class of 2019 private Facebook group, and, your pre-work material will be dropped before we officially begin. 

You will have free lifetime access to all future updates of the course, course materials, new classes, and groups.

You will also have access to Hayley via the Facebook group to ask any and as many questions as you need to during the course of the program, too!

you will also receive instant access to the Pre-course work

I can't wait to see you there!  

Hayley Carr testimonial “ Hayley ignites possibilities within yourself you forgot were there” Allanah Flynn
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Join Us

Pay in full, on a payment plan, or, Choose the VIP option to get a deep dive 1:1 session with me worth $5000.

We begin september 18th,




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Pay 9x monthly payments
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Can I do this if I'm not a coach or in business for myself?

Absolutely! This is mindset work over vocation-specific work. The principals I am sharing in this course have worked for mothers, boyfriends and best friends of my students, performers, world champion athletes, and many more.

How will I receive the class material?

All the classes will be run live with Hayley in the Facebook group, and also saved and sent to you to keep forever. All the course material post the course will be place on a password protected website page for you to access whenever you choose.

Is there a payment plan? 

Yes! I love payment plans! You'll find payment plan options when you click the Join button.

Do you offer refunds?

Legally in Australia, nobody can say that they do not offer refunds. If you really know this isn't for you after the first 10 days, you can write to us and show us that you've done the work. At our discretion, we do welcome refunds.

I have a policy with all my clients though. I don't want you here unless you want to be here with all your heart. Please do not sign up to anything, ever, without the intention that this will change your life. If you don't feel called to this or totally excited, please don't sign up. 

I'm freakin' busy. What if I don't have time to complete the course now?

Once the course sales period has closed, it won't be open again for a while. Even though the content is taught live, you have access to it forever. The energy of a group like this on its own will change your life. 

Do you guarantee specific results?

Only you can do that. (Don't believe anyone who makes those kinds of guarantees, either!). Legally, I have to tell you that these results may not be typical for all students. Every testimonial on this page is a real account from a real client who has experienced real results, and it's up to you to take this work and apply it diligently to your own situation. I will be there to support you every step of the way.

What if I'm new in business?

All I can say is I wish I knew this at the beginning of my own business journey. The highs would have been higher, and the lows would have been shorter - and way more easy to move through. Whether you're a newbie in the game or you're more like a fine wine of the industry, the lessons apply to every level. Once again, if you're feeling called, it's for you.

If you have any more questions, email hola@hayleycarr.tv and we'll help you out! 

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 I can’t wait ...

This is truly one of the most powerful courses I have ever created.

If you have any questions…

Email my team at hola@hayleycarr.tv

See you there!

Love, Hayley x x

#superabundant - 6 week mentorship experience - Quantum leap your money mindset & become a cash generating creatrix by Hayley Carr