Anxiety: Gone in a Heartbeat

What a good day it is, when one can complete it with a feeling of goodness, satisfaction, and leisure.

When everything goes according to plan.

When you're on it. Sun up to sun-down.

Minus all the drama and freak-outs about weather or not we will get everything done, before we start.

Hardly Your Experience?

I hear you. 

"I'll probably just screw it up like I always do"

"He will probably be just like the rest of them, it's probably not even worth going on this date."

"What if I fail?"

Needless Anxiety.

Neurologically, there's something that's causing you to have these thoughts and feelings.

A few butterflies in the tummy are a good thing. It means you're living at your edge, and you're about to expand.

But when butterflies turns to bricks, we're letting our internal world run wild, and possibly work against us.

Time for a wee bit of inner-alchemy.

Find it here in this video.

Your Life Naturally Flows Towards What it Knows

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It's so simple, its almost disappointing.

Here's Your Homework, crew member: What are you chomping at the bit for? What's making you anxious? What gives you that tight, brick-filled-stomach feeling?

It hasn't happened yet.

By Simply holding it in your awareness that it will go the way you want, you:

a) Let go of the feeling of it already going wrong before you start, and

b) Will show up differently to the task - thus rendering a different result.

Keep Practising. It's a skill.

And here's the tip-off:

You're already doing this. You're really good at it, in fact: you're just doing it to the opposite effect.

I hope this imparts some new perspective into your day, your week, and your year ahead.

And If you want more of this, check out The Fierce Salon experience.

Love, Always: Hayley x x