Are You A Future-Tripper?

It's a good trip, the 'ole future trip.

Usually taken straight up, dirty.

Daydreaming about the new love you've lit, bubbling below the surface of actualisation and imagination.

Wading in your own honey-thick pool of dreamy desire and destination honeymoon.

Hold up there, speed racer.

This trip is a nasty sucker. Sucking you right into thinking that these sweet feelings are the cultivation of orgasmic epicness. As good as it gets, until it becomes real, or shattered.

But there's something even sweeter, if you'd so care to press pause on your slow dance track for a moment and lean in a little. It's hidden below the surface.

Reality, she is. Opportunity, it be. Right here. In the now. The nectar of truth.

Scary as heck to open your eyes to the first time. Impossible to ignore from here on in.

Take a look for yourself, and learn what to do instead... even better:

You Can Always Guarantee A Person to Show You Exactly Who They Are.

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I want you to be empowered in your relationships.

It requires presence, grace, and patience. When you can cultivate these states of being in your everyday interactions, you truly get to taste what life is delivering - on a platter - to you right now. Instead of swishing it aside and visualising the desert menu, when you haven't even gotten to know your table-mate.

When you're truly living in the moment of a relationship, weather its going somewhere or not, you get to enjoy it for what it is. And that, my friends, is delicious.


Hayley x x

P.S -The Fierce Salon is here for you, when you're ready. You want to embody a new way of being? Lets get in there, and do some deep reshuffling.