You always know what you want. Always.

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Sometimes however, things get in the way of us getting in touch with that. 

Things like fear. Things like worrying too much about what others might think. Things like the fact that you may hurt someone a little. Even though in the long run, you're both better off. Things like, mum having something to say about it. Or telling yourself you're confused because there are "so many pro's and cons".

But truthfully, deep inside of you, and inside of everyone, we always know exactly what we want. It takes a little bit of courage an awareness, then, to simply get in touch with it, and then speak up for it. Or ask for it.

In my coaching, my clients always say, "But who am I to think that it's OK for me to do this?"...

And it never ceases to break my heart. To know that every single one of us, at some time, were taught to think that it's not OK for us to have exactly what we want, the way we want it. It's not OK to go for what we want without struggle or fear. It's not OK to speak up for ourselves and ask for great, when we're quite happy with good.

Todays blog post is dedicated to you, if you just need that extra little bit of permission today, to just go ahead and frigging own it.

To go and do exactly what you want.

It's OK for you to say yes.

It's OK for you to say no.

It's OK not to know.

It's OK for you to continue.

It's OK for you to be completely, unapologetically yourself.

It's OK for you to stop.

It's OK to quit.

It's OK to ask for the pay rise.

It's OK to tell her how you're feeling.

It's OK to tell him what you really think.

It's OK to be afraid.

It's OK to feel completely brave, and carefree, and excited about the next challenge, and not nervous at all.

It's OK to pull the plug on your project.

It's OK to stay in and be quiet.

It's OK to go out and go crazy.

It's OK to think about what you want, and get excited.

It's OK to change your mind.

It's OK to love. In whatever form love comes in.

It's OK to ask for help.

It's OK to share your life's biggest dreams with the world around you.

It's OK to start.

It's OK to suck.

Its OK to be great.

It's OK to ask dumb questions.

It's OK to shine in unexpected, and expected places.

It's OK to splurge on it - you know what I'm talking about ;)

It's OK to sneak a kiss, or a cheeky grab.

It's OK to ask for a second chance.

It's OK to test it out.

It's OK to save your money.

It's OK to travel.

It's OK to build a home.

It's OK to build your business, right now.

It's OK to wait until the right time for you.

It's OK to stand completely still and do nothing.

It's OK to say, "I love you".

It's OK to forgive.

It's OK to make mistakes.

It's OK to drop the ball.

It's OK to be really, really sad.

It's OK to be "totes" happy.

It's OK to fumble and shake.

It's OK to shock.

It's OK to laugh out loud.

It's OK to be messy.

It's OK to be clean.

It's OK for you to take the day off and go do exactly what you want.

It's OK to get up early and work harder than anyone else.

It's OK to lose.

It's OK to dress in a way that makes you feel great.

It's OK to slouch.

It's OK to binge.

It's OK to be proud of yourself.

It's OK to be different.

It's OK to stand up for what you believe in. Anytime.

It's OK to fail over, and over, and over again.

It's OK to win. Everything.

It's OK .

It's OK. 

It's OK. 

Everything, always, is OK.

There is no such thing as right and wrong. Only results.

Most of the world are too busy focusing on their own OK, to pay enough attention to what you're doing anyway.

That's OK too.

Now go and be brilliant. It's OK to be brilliant.

Love, Hayley x x

P.S - You know I'm a coach, right? If you're creative, ambitious, and ready to invest in taking your life, once and for all, to where you really want it to go (and perhaps even a little curious about what that really might be) - get in touch. I can help you.