Get Shiny + Healthy, Fast.


Hola! Did you know, that your gut is like your second brain?

Did you know that adrenal fatigue is super common, and the symptoms are so far and wide spread, that we often don't even realise we are experiencing them, because they seem, "normal?"

Did you know that gluten can make you deaf?


You may not know this, but for the past 10 years, I have been up and down, on a health quest.

In my past, I have experienced a myriad of health issues, all relating to one another. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable bowel syndrome, skin irritations like psoraisis, depression, anxiety, adrenal burnout, leaky gut, glandular fever... just to name a few. Some of which I was diagnosed with very early on, and some which came and passed. Some symptoms however, like foggy brain and hearing loss crept up on me unsuspectingly.

Granted, I was doing a lot. In the words of Ronda Rousey, "I'm not a D.N.B", but some of my activities took me over the edge a few years back. Training until all hours of the morning, getting up and working all day, and staying up all night partying or studying for a hectic degree.

I never felt quite right in my body, despite being athletic and energised. And even though I consistently beat the odds and overcame my health issues, I recently made a discovery on my health that has completely changed my game. And I mean completely - and I am already a healthy person.

I had no idea how good I was meant to feel.

Until all the symptoms I didn't realised had crept up on me, were erased. Until the energy I didn't know I didn't have any more, was back.

And I want everyone to feel as good as I do right now. It starts with a few simple steps.

In this beautiful interview with one of my best friends, Passionate, tell-it-like-it-is Naturopath, and co-creator of Paleo Health Retreats, Jules Galloway, we talk about:

  • How diet is linked to all-round health
  • The symptoms that go un-noticed
  • The epidemic of "normal" and how good you are truly meant to feel
  • The basis of naturopathy (which is only now being recognised by the medical industry)
  • The signs of adrenal fatigue,
  • Signs that your gut health needs to be looked at, and how it's linked to everything
  • Simple tips for healing your gut
  • Changing your diet, how, and why it's so important now, and,
  • How Jules can help you. (with the help of myself and a number of other experts). In 12 weeks, to turn your life around and feel extremely better.
  • Plus.. more.

Grab a cup of tea, and listen to an hour of power that could change your health for good. I hope you enjoy this interview, and you can take away at least one thing from it, and apply it today.

Shiny Healthy You is an incredible, all-encompassing and extremely fun way to kick yourself into a new, more vibrant and alive version of yourself.

Check out more about Jules, and the program, right here.

So tell me, in the comments, what is one thing you took away, and will apply from this video, to your life, to start feeling good. (The way you are meant to feel). I can't wait to hear from you.

All love,

Hayley xo