You'll Never Have Time If You Keep Making This Mistake

I used to live with a consistent heavy knot in my stomach. I was a high achiever, who took pride in taking on, and successfully completing, a lot. Which means I took on a lot. It made me feel great to have a full, busy life with lots of aspirations.

The knot in my stomach to me, simply meant I was living at my edge. It wasn't comfortable mind you - I'd rather not have experienced it, but it seemed to be the trade-off for living a full life, and I had come to accept it.

There really was never enough time between studying Interior Architecture full-time at university, working 3-4 days a week at a small but busy architectural firm, and training at night for Karate World Titles- between 10pm and 2am, not to mention the 5-6 hours of driving around Sydney I would do in a day just to fulfil my 3 passions, and the all-nighters to complete my assignments. Forget about seeing friends.

Eventually, it got too much. However for someone like me - and probably you - dropping a few things away isn't always an option at first. Sometimes its the juggle that keeps us going, and keeps us feeling alive. Despite the fact that my karate training was exhausting, and taking a toll on my body, it was the perfect balance an stress release for the intensity of my work and studies. I was aiming high in all 3 areas. I was high on aspiration.

I had to make some changes, and they had to be easy.

I realised the constant knot in my stomach was linked to a feeling of anxiety around not getting things done, or, things going wrong.

Here's a simple, effective change you can implement now, that's going to revolutionise your experience of time:


Your Experience of Life is Dictated by the Scripts that Run in Your Head

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List out all the reasons and excuses you give, for not being where you want to go, right now.

How long have you said this to yourself? 

It's time to start making some changes, or they are going to be the same reasons and excuses you still have in another 10 years. Start with running a new script. It takes a tiny bit of effort, but its worth millions.

Over to you smarty pants... Go!


Hayley x x

P.S -  We've had some incredible wins and so much fun in this Breakthrough/ The Fierce Salon. And just in case you're wondering what kind of results you can have in the long-term with the diligent application of these lessons, Elise sent me an email last week saying this:

Thanks to your brilliant teachings, in the last 6 months I have moved jobs almost doubling my salary in the process, finished my Masters degree, moved into a huge penthouse, turned 30 with grace and love, upped the ante with exercise, cut off a toxic friend.

The best things I got from you were:

-It's all about the bother. I visualised the shit out of an Employment Letter of Offer.-Write 100 reasons why you want it. Makes it hard to turn away from all those reasons-Vision boards, but also vision songs, articles, blogs, quotes.-Self love. Constant and unrelenting self love. Forgiveness of self and of others.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a few things that are a total shamble in my life, but I now have complete confidence that if I choose to sort it out, it WILL happen. It’s the choice that gets me excited!

~ Elise Watson. - Sydney Australia.

Isn't she wonderful! I love this testimonial so much, because it's so REAL. We make changes in a heartbeat that can change our life permanently and exponentially once we give ourselves permission to implement on a consistent basis. And that is exactly what she did. Elise can now see what's possible for herself, with a few runs on the board. Imagine where she's going to be in 10 years time!

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