How to be Vulnerable in Relationships

Hola, Bonito!

Vulnerability. Relationships. 2 words that used to knot my stomach in the same sentence.

"I'm a strong woman!", "I don't want to be needy!". It's something I personally used to really struggle with, because of all the possible disasters it could bring to my ego.

And worse - in a world of achievers, It's got a bad wrap - and it's seen as a sign of weakness in business, and competition.

But in relationships, it's a different story. Learning to give yourself permission to say what you really think, moment to moment, will change your relationships, the way you communicate with people, your general feeling of connection, and your overall sense of fullfilment in life. And that will change everything.

But learning the skill of Vulnerability, although useful, doesn't deal with why you're having a problem with it in the first place.

It's a belief thing. It's a mindset thing.

Here, I made you a video on it. It's 3 minutes long.

Vulnerability is total acceptance of yourself - and asking for what you want from that place.

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All you have to do now, is find something new to talk about when someone asks you, "How's your love life?"

I'd love to know from you:

Have you ever struggled with Vulnerability in your relationships? What did you do to get through it? What do you believe about vulnerability now? Feel free to share any tips you have or different perspectives on vulnerability that help you just say what you feel and stop caring so much in relationships.

Thanks for being here.

Stay Curious!


Hayley x x

P.S - If fear of failure, vulnerability and "getting found out" are things you struggle with on a daily basis, and it's more than just not knowing what to do, I can help you. Changing the way you show up in your relationships will drastically improve the way you're showing up at life. All it takes are a few simple tweaks.