How to Take a Leap of Faith


I was feeling so much fear this morning.  Ever wanted something so bad, and you go through that roller-coaster of yes/no emotions when you have the opportunity to actually make it happen?

Yep, that was me... This morning... Why do we do that? Why do we put off the best things for us? I had a last-minute opportunity to work with someone I really admire.

It was sitting right in front of me, with the easy button right across the top.

But it was an investment that I didn’t want to front. A few thousand dollars.

Its sitting there, but it feels like too much to spend it on such short notice.


“Yep, this is right, it’s exactly what I need and exactly who I want to work with. Of Course.”

“…Wait, no, it’s OK, I don’t need that, See? I don’t need that. It’s money better spent on something else. I can’t think about that right now. I have to many other things I’m taking on, like finding a new place to live. I can do that another time”


I knew it was right, but I was scared.

Fear doesn’t show up any differently in round 2: Next Level. It feels the same. It feels the gosh damn same. New level, New devil as they say. {Tweet It}

I felt it.

And then she said this:

“Hayley, there’s investing in yourself, and your life, like buying healthy food… And then there’s being reckless, and spending on things that don’t feed you in any way at all... This is different again. Make the decision from your future self. Make the decision from who she is, and the support she needs. And the people she wants to be around.”

She was right.

I said yes, quickly paid the bill before my silly monkey brain got in the way.

 And then this happened…

- 4 new and very excited clients within an hour.

- Closure on 2 confusing relationships, through my own sudden spark of clarity,

- And a phone-call that I thought would be too good to be true. The dream apartment, in the new town, with all the bells and whistles, is available on Monday. Someone decided today that they weren’t going to stay. It’s for me. Right in the nick of time.


That’s what happens when you take a leap and say yes. You make a statement to the universe, “Dude, I’m serious.”

But Here’s the catch:

You have to smile first, then the mirror smiles back. It doesn’t work any other way. And you have to keep on smiling. {tweet}

Think about who YOU need to BE to get where you want to go. And make your decisions from there. Not where you are right now.

The best decisions are rarely made from the same thinking that got you here. Go play over there from now on. It's about time.

Tell me, if you have 2 choices right now. Which level would THAT person choose to play at? The one you want to be? Leave me a comment below here. What have you taken a leap of faith on before, and it all worked out?

I'll tell you first in the comments below.

Until next time, stay curious!


Hayley x x

P.S - Watch the universe get your back, like the bridge that appears for Indiana Jones...

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