Why Your Problems Continue


I am coming to you from my new home in a small town called Bangalow, just near Byron Bay, Australia. Yay! I've been moving slowly up the east coast for a week, collecting belongings that have been strewn across the globe for the past 2 years along the way. I really don't own much, but it sure is nice to have it one place.

I'm going to stay here for a wee while, and set myself up to have a bit of a base to come back to in between my travels =) I'm excited to have a place to call my own for the first time in 2 years, and very excited to be doing some in-person work with my clients in Australia! It's a nice change.

Now, Because you're busy, and you're independent, and you like being in control of your shiz, I have a special tip for you. No more "beating around the bush" as we say here in Australia, and dilly-dallying with issues that are not at the cause of why things aren't working.

How to Solve Your Own Problems.

The last few months I've been doing a lot of breakthrough work with people, and have been talking about the common threads of our problems with everyone, a lot. The reason, is because our "problems" are like spiderwebs. We see them right on the outside of the web - but they are intricately linked to a spinning spiral of branches that stem from a centre core.

People always come to me with a problem they think needs resolving, and when we get to the core, it ends p changing their entire life - because the core problems are linking everything all together,

I explain it in more depth in this quick little video, with an example of how I totally cleared my 5-year fight with burnout after healing my Chronic Fatigue - along with how to get to the core of your own issues, by yourself - using one simple question:


A Problem Well Stated, Is a Problem Half-Solved

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Your turn! Have a go at the exercise, and keep your eyes peeled for what you need, to resolve in order for all your problems to disappear. When you're done, leave me a comment! I'd love to know. Happy Hunting!

Love, Hayley x x