You and Your Art

Your art does not have to be marketable,

Your art does not have to help people

Your art does not have to be pretty.

Your art does not have to make sense.

You should not be doing your art to “help people”.

How about instead,

Because it would feel like an exorcism to have it out.

Because it haunts you not to do it any more.

Because it keeps tapping you on the shoulder and it won’t go away.

Because it is an expression of your soul.

How about we start with that.

Thanks Liz Gilbert.

You, as you are, with all your unique views, and experiences, and quirks…

You totally help people, by bringing your love to the world. In your own way.

The way you do things is perfect, actually.

By not doing it, truly, you’re robbing those who need it.

You make sense. You are a being of creation.

You must “be”. It is your purpose here.

It will bring you joy.

Thanks Marie Forleo.

Start with your art.

Let it flow out of you in whatever form it needs to take to leave your body.

Just get it out. Perfection comes later.

That might be all you need to do, you might feel fine after that.

But if not, then learn the fundamentals of sharing with integrity and heart.

You might want to check out B-School with Marie Forleo.

Trust your heart

and hustle with it

if you feel called to do something that scares you a little.

Or a lot. 

You’ve got this. You seriously do.

If not now, then when?


Love, Hayley.