An Ode to the Last Minute

  The finest moments in my life - the defining moments.

...Were the last minute ones.

I went to the luncheon on a whim and met a soul sister who I would travel the world with. I asked for the job on the spot - and it was the perfect moment in time to ask. I asked to be re-auditioned for the role on the day of the final auditions. And got the part. I decided to compete with my big goals and my big dreams and my dislocated shoulder. And I won. I timidly hopped on the plane to New York. And sorted out my life. I took a trip to Cuba on 45 minutes notice. And it changed my perspective on the world. I asked her if she wanted to come on an adventure with me. And kicked off a lifelong dream. I saw the ideal place to live in Byron Bay, and I booked a flight to move in 3 days later. I entered the B-School scholarship just in time. And found my dreams fulfilled.

It doesn’t have to be last minute for it to be life-changing. But it doesn’t have to be a long-term, pros and cons listed analysed decision to be the best thing you’ve ever done.

You’ve got this. The key to tapping into your potential, is tapping into your heart. It’s a skill. Make choices not from where you are, but from where you want to be.

You can do it. Do it for you.

The scariest thing: is that there is no evidence that it’s going to work for you. Nobody can give you that. Because you are in the drivers seat. And my gosh, I’d rather die trying Than sit on the sidelines in painful pause While the rest of the world goes for it with their hearts.

Take some action. You will never regret engaging your dreams. They are not as far away as you think.

Here’s to the last minute.

The one that counts as much as the first. The one that can change everything.

The Rest of creation is waiting, breathless, for you to take your place.  ~ David Whyte

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