How to fall in love

I believe every woman deserves to love the skin she’s in, feel ecstatic about the projects she working on, feel peaceful in her home, make a tonne of money, and be madly in love with her life and the people in it. Partner, or no partner.

Fearless, Fuelled, and Free.

Common misconception #1: A relationship is the end to the means. It isn’t.

Common Misconception #2: Being In Love requires 2 parties.


Step 1: Stop complaining.

Why you should never complain about being single:

Because being single is being YOU.

You in the world. With all your insecurities and glamorous poetic wonderfully balanced quirks. Who else would you want to be?

Want to be you.

The whole notion of “being single” presupposes that there is something else to “be”.

There’s not. There never has been.

The only constant in life is change. People come and go.

And you‘re always going to be you. A single, beautiful, whole, complete, you. You were born that way, and you will die that way. (phew!)

Stop complaining about your life, and what’s not working, and especially, about being single. 


Step 2: Make your life awesome.

So awesome, that you fall head-over-heals (pun intended) in love with it.

So awesome, that your days are consumed with the love you have for everything: your surroundings, your friends, your animals, the work you are putting out, the projects you’re working on, the home environment you live in, the adventures you’re excited about going on… and get everything you think you crave from another human, into your life today.

So awesome, that you smile a lot. And you love the way your days feel.

Do not wait for your ducks to line up before you start making a life for yourself. We live in Minutes.


Step 3: Let Go of Control, and let go of your expectations.

We are not in control of which part of our lives want to line up first. Which “ducks” want to get in a row, and in which order. Sometimes, the thing we want most is the duck that doesn’t want to get in line until you’ve proven to yourself that you’re happy with your life without that duck! (are you catching my quacky drift here?)

In the words of a beautiful mentor of mine, Gabrielle Bernstein, “Stop praying for what you think you want, and pray for the highest good”.

Sometimes we are short sighted. Sometimes, the highest good, is not found in the immediate situation you’re standing in, or in the man you’re currently fascinated in, or in the job you’re dreaming of that you know is absolutely perfect for you, and you it.

Life is already happening for you. To say it’s not happening fast enough negates the fact that you are chasing after something special. Extraordinary circumstances require patience.

Let go. There are things happening everywhere around you, to get you where you’re going, that are so far beyond your own sight. It’s already happening. Just keep being you, and let life, and love flow.

Everything is conspiring in your favour.


Step 4: Love Creates More Love.

You’re smiling a lot, and you’re living in the present, and you’re grateful. Your vibe is raised.

New opportunities cannot help themselves but be drawn to you in this state. It is a metaphysical fact.

You become irresistible. Everyone wants a piece.

And the best bit? You’re so happy with your life, you don’t need a thing more.

Life becomes a series of happy choices.


Step 5: Stay Open

Love comes in so many forms. Be with it.

Devote yourself this Valentines Day, to bringing romance and love into your life - from life itself. Your vibe dictates your life.

Stay open. Stay Curious.

Love, Hayley x x