What are your Energy Drains?


And a Big Beautiful Happy New Year to you, delightful one.

Welcome Back... Welcome Forward! It's 2015.

Now, Check in with yourself for a minute here sister. How are you actually feeling? Are You back at work? Right back in the swing?

Excited? Nervous? A little fearful of the space in front of you and all the things you want? Pushed? Rushed? Frustrated? Has the holiday vibe left you, or are you still fuelled by the inspired, refreshing sense of a clean slate that the new year brings?

The reason I ask, is because chances are, you're either being drained or energised by your life right now.

And it actually doesn't matter what you're feeling specifically - what matters is what you're doing about it. Your level of awareness.

At the end of last year, I felt like life came to a screeching crescendo. A lot of lesson-giving experiences were squished into those last precious days, and I know I'm not alone - the end of the year brings angst in a lot of cases. When a timer is set on when you wanted things done by, the closer it gets, the more intense the vibe.

Couple that with nearly everyone in the world celebrating the same end-date, and feeling equal parts relief and anticipation, and you have an Earth-sized pressure-cooker bubble around the galaxy.

Yep, that about describes it.

But of course, it's a choice to participate or not.

Here's how to start the opt-out process from the drama. Its a simple exercise that will take you less than two-minutes, and simultaneously open up more time and energy with no effort.

Hint: It starts with a willingness to be aware.


The List May Surprise You. Awareness Unlocks the Clarity Gate

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Enjoy this sweet little secret exercise, whenever, or wherever you please dear. It's a nomadic one.

And know this: the action you take from insight contains its value. So leave me a comment below (you have a scroll down a wee bit) and make a declaration. What are your top 3 on both sides? How do you feel now that you know?

Wishing you bar-raising clarity as we welcome in the Fresh Year, and sending you bucketloads of love.

Hayley x x