We live in minutes

We live in Minutes.

Sort your shit out.

There’s no time to wait. Or waste.

Someone here today. Anyone, can be gone tomorrow.

One day you’ll be grateful for the pain you are NOT experiencing right now.

Things can get better, but they can also get worse.

Remember that. And make the most of this moment.

Opportunities are always there for the taking,

But how many of us give ourselves permission to take them when we REALLY want.

Do not let the past define you and your experiences today.

The pain of regret is far too great.

Far greater in fact than the pain of discipline to stay on track to your dreams.

So have babies.

Make love.

Say yes.

Say No Way.

Lock yourself in and figure it out on the way.

Sit down and write. Shut the door.

Go outside with your sneakers on and run somewhere, 

Dance. Sing. Freaken' scream and shout and let it out.

Go on that date, even though… theres a difference you're unsure about.

Put up the fight you’ve been letting eat away at you.

Speak your mind and heart.

Get on the freaken’ plane. Today, junior!

Write that email and press send.

Make the call and ask for help.

The same shiz that’s stopping you and scaring you today,

Will be the same as what’s stopping and scaring you in ten years time.

Things don’t change by ignoring them.

So Clear the list and start living.

There’s potential to be met.

Instead of circles run.

It’s now, Or, not at all.

We never know what’s around the corner.

Because hey, we live in minutes.

Do it.


Hayley x x

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