Are you willing to give it all away?


“In order to move into a future we want, we must be willing to let go of what it is that we know.” Every now and again

I have a bright spark of inspiration, where I remember that everything in my life is a choice - and I can create anything in my future I want. Funny, I do have to remind myself of this. We tend to sink to our own upper limits, and yet having the ability to constantly question everything can be quite overwhelming if done too consistently - but its so important to constantly remind yourself that the world dis a mirror.

However, perhaps in the light of the new year you’ve also experienced this. You’re ready to make a big difference to your life in some way. Perhaps it’s to create a little more work/life balance. Perhaps it’s to finally let go of past memories and pains and open yourself up to love again, and attract someone good for you. Or to start a business. Or finally start travelling. Maybe to be more social. To complete your dream renovation. Buy a House. To dress better. To devote yourself to a new hobby. Maybe to simply have more fun.

But what does it really take?

This is a question I am constantly asking myself. In my line of work, I need to know - because that's what makes the difference in my clients success. Underneath it all, what does it really truly take to change the world as you know it?

A few years ago I realised my head was in one place and my heart was in another. It wasn’t easy, but I left an entire world behind - including an identity as a world champion athlete - and took off to explore the world solo and fulfil my hearts desire to be more adventurous, and run my online business from a beach in Mexico. I walked away from a relationship with my best friend, and the opportunity to have children with him, a home and all its comforts, in a town I knew well, all my friends who stayed put, and a regular income. And my entire world did change.

When I’m in the initial stages of The Fierce Salon often my clients have this vision for their life (once we’ve tapped into it of course) that feels, to them, so unbelievably far away from where they are. I love this so much. Mostly because - the life you crave is really so much closer than you think.

And when she’s just realised the big dream, she then starts exploring all the limiting thoughts that are keeping her stuck, and giving me all the legitimate reasons why this can never happen. At this point, I simply remind her of this:

Even if it takes 10 years - 20 years, or even 50 years. You’re going to be somewhere after that amount of time. Imagine being you in 20 years, still doing exactly what you’re doing (which usually evokes some kind of regurgitative movement). Wouldn’t you rather be closer, or even having tried and moved on, than still wondering, and stuck in fear-town?

A resounding yes.

It has taken me ten years to be where I am today - and I see myself as a baby in this game of business and life. I am learning every single day - about myself, and about how just how far my business can reach, and actually, I’m still learning how to cook… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If someone had told me ten years ago it was going to take a decade to simply get where I am today, I’d have laughed, and doubted them, and probably felt really discouraged. But here I am. It took a decade. And I am so so very grateful I never gave up, and I started when I did. I know you will be too. It’s oh so very worth it.

The journey to your Truth feels like the destination for Most of the Ride.

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And this is where those differences come in. A powerful coach once said, if you can envision your future and who you want to be, in your mind, while at the same time knowing all that exists is this present moment, then the way to have what you visualise is to be, exactly what you see in your visions, in this very moment.

In other words, you gotta be willing to let go of everything you know right now, and start being the type of person who has what you want - from right now. Big steps, baby actions, massive results.

And the difference between you, and the person whose done what you want? Simply their willingness to let go of what doesn’t match.

And to complete the process, letting go of what we know is not only an external job, but an internal one.

If you want to become wealthy and have more time on your hands, you may need to let go of some beliefs about hard work, and what it takes to become a multi-millionaire.

If you wish to have a happier experience in a job you love but aren’t enjoying - you may have to quit complaining, cold turkey, and start searching for positivity every single day, in every way.

If you want to become more adventurous, you may have to quit Netflix and a bottle of wine each night and trade it in for socialising outside your home, and saying yes to random opportunities.

If you want to attract a new relationship into your life, you may have to let go of your fears around being alone, and learn to say no to short-term time-fillers.

  • Beliefs
  • Attitudes
  • Addictions
  • Habits - like complaining, or bitching, or biting your nails.
  • Planning
  • Devotion
  • Friendships
  • Relationships
  • Family members
  • Social Circles and Hangouts
  • Hobbies.
  • TV Shows, or TV in general
  • Books.
  • Your Job

These are all places you can look to see if what you are experiencing matches the world you want to create for yourself.

Remember, it starts internally. Give yourself permission to stop caring what others think, and start doing what it is going to take to make your big dreams a reality. Often it simply starts with picking up a pen, or a phone, or hopping on google.

Stay Curious, Be Willing. It’s the Omega.

Love, Hayley xx