Say what you mean to say - Communication Smarts


If we were to live within the framework, that everything - absolutely everything, is simply love in action, and there is nothing else, really, then communication is a very important part of love.

Not only romantic love, relationship love, and self love, but love as a life experience. Speaking the truth is what breaks down all the barriers of the world. Speaking the truth is what brings more energy to your day. Speaking the truth will free you faster than anything, and also, free others.

It will align what is meant for you, with you rapidly - and it will also very rapidly shift and melt away what’s not in alignment with you. When you speak the truth, you can move mountains, and change the world.

But the Truth isn’t always obvious.

Many of us don’t realise this, but we often, more than likely have 2 conversations going on, when we are having a singular conversation.

First, is the conversation you’re actually having with another, often, to the effect of what you think is most appropriate for this moment, what they might want to hear, and to keep things nice and not rock the boat.

Second, is the one that’s going on in your head - it’s what you are deeply feeling, what you’re thinking about the situation, and what you actually want to say.

It’s not always appropriate to remove the filter and speak exactly what’s in your mind, but when it is - like in your relationships, friendships, and human interactions and creative pursuits where you’re enforcing boundaries and expressing yourself, getting clear on what’s true for you and expressing it unencumbered is a gift to everyone.

sometimes, the truth is going to hurt.

Sometimes, it doesn’t feel appropriate to say what’s on your mind. Sometimes it’s really not that easy to speak up about how you’re feeling about certain things. Sometimes we feel guilty about our truth, or fearful of what the truth might mean, or how someone else might react to our truth.

I have seen this time and time again, and in fact, I lived it myself for a very long time.

If I can share with you a personal story here, I think it might well hi-light what I mean by having fear around our truth.

Back a few years ago, I realised It was time to end my relationship with someone I loved very deeply. I was afraid to walk away, because this person meant so much to me, and we had been through so much together, but I knew that by staying, I’d be an unhappy partner. That was the truth.

I also knew that I had no huge reasons for going - it just wasn’t right. That was the truth.

I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do, or even whatI wanted out of a relationship or life, and I had no answers to those questions I knew were coming. All I knew was, in that moment, it was not where I wanted to be. That was the entire answer I had, It was the truth.

I also felt silly about not having more answers. I knew I’d figure it out once I had taken some space from myself. Also the truth.

But The Truth Is, It’s OK. Naming it is the first place to start. It creates unity and connection - not walls.

By You living your truth, You Make The Right Difference.

Say What You Mean To Say.

I didn’t know this was going to happen at the time, but as it turns out my life took a 180 after I made that decision and spoke up about it.

My life took me on a new adventure, and new meaning - and he is now living so much more fully and completely in his own journey with me no longer in his life - and we’re still friends!

And when you can hold a vision and an intention in your heart for both parties in the conversation, and a good outcome, for whatever situation you’re truthfully and powerfully speaking of, it becomes clear that by not living your truth, you’re robbing others of their own true experience. Because they are not getting 100% of you anyway.

We want to make sure, always, our head, our heart, our word, and our hand is aligned with what we want. And we’re not pulling any energetic snags.

If you aren’t aligned, you block yourself from having what you’re asking for.

If we can’t speak up for the truth, we will never get to where we want to go. The people who love us will never truly know what we are thinking. our businesses will have a big bull-twang meter going off, and life will not flow as easy as it can when you release what’s inside of you to the world.

When we start to communicate properly, even when we are creating boundaries and taking a stand for what we believe in, even when we are giving a loving no, we can still soften, and keep our hearts open.

You can say absolutely anything, when you have love on your lips.


When we truly start to communicate properly, and truthfully, we can share our gifts and ourselves in a big way with the world

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I want invite you today to start considering the second-reel inside your mind when you’re speaking. Maybe you feel awkward about the conversation you’re having - that’s a truth and you can say it. Perhaps you’re noticing you feel silly, or tired, or you’re not feeling like you can communicate clearly today. Truth! Say it!

Maybe you’re noticing a feeling you have in your communication with someone in particular - nervousness, love, excitement, or pure joy. Truth! Say it!

This weeks motto, is better out than in. I invite you to give it a go, and see how it feels.

Let me know how you go by leaving a comment!

You never know - you might even find yourself asking a question you’ve been longing to ask for a long time. Or, on a date, landing a new job, feeling lighter, having a night of super-hot lovin' with your lover lover, or forgiven and forgiving of an old situation form the past. (This is some of what has happened for others who have put this into practise as my clients. It's fun.)

One thing's for sure - Speaking the truth opens doors.

Stay Curious, It’s the omega.

Love, Hayley XX

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