You are Not Your Stories. How to Let them Go.


Ever heard yourself feeling that deep push in your chest when someone is expressing how they’ve reach ed the next level of success? That pang of jealousy? Ever spoken to a friend or mentor who tells you what you need to do to get going, and felt that pressing gut feeling like, “I can’t do that… you don’t understand…”

What comes after “You don't understand?”… What’s your identifying story? What’s your very very very good reason?

“I’m a creative, that’s not how my brain works” “I’m not good enough” “I’m not ready yet” “I’ll be happy when…” “I need to have my finances in order first” “I need to lose weight before I can start that”

Below is a message for you, to help you identify the sabotages you’ve been carrying around as your reasons, your identity and sometimes even, your life story.

Turn your reasons into results, with this simple shift in perspective (otherwise known as a miracle) to rid yourself of excuses, stories, and “blocks”.

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Love, Hayley x x

Today I want to talk about stories.  Now, a lot of the time when we are speaking about stories, we are referring to our life story and you know the fun things that we tell people about where we come from and what we and this sounds really positive.  What I’m talking about today is the stories that hold us back, the limitations, the limiting ideas, the limiting beliefs. And they’re often stories that we walk around with and we carry around with.  Now sometimes our life story is the story like “I can’t do this because I’m such and such” and I really feel passionate about sharing with you of how to let go of these stories because it gives you ultimate freedom to go for things that you really, truly want without the drama.  Like think about this…cause…there’s a weird bird outside, just please excuse that, I have no idea what’s going on out there.

Anyway, I was chatting with a client just recently and she said to me “I really want to get out of debt and I’ve done all these amazing things in my life but I just can’t shake my debt and this huge for me”.  Did you hear the story of that?  When she said this is huge for me, she made the debt a mountain, instead of a simple thing that you can break down and check off over time.  Now we place so much meaning on the things around us, that sometimes we forget that the things around us are absolutely meaningless.  Our goals don’t necessarily have meaning.  It’s the meaning that we place on them that makes them big and important and special.  And there’s nothing wrong with that except when you placing really heavy meaning on something and its actually blocking you from taking steps forward, like you feel like you really want to do it but you don’t know what’s stopping you. So, lets talk about that.

So another story I have heard is “well I am this or I am that, or I am broke, or I am too short, or I am too old, or I’m too young or I am not good enough”…and this is the story that someone might carry around with them that dictates whether or not they can simply go for what they want.  Other stories can relate to “it’s hard for me because” or “I don’t know what I want.”  These are all stories and when we let go of our justifications and our beliefs around what we say and think and do, we let go of our stories and we ultimately become free.

So a course in miracles, says that there is no order in miracles and just for your refreshment, and a miracle is simply a shift in perspective and there’s no order in them, whether they’re big or whether they’re small.  It’s the same amount of effort to create a shift in perspective that is big or small. It’s simply the meaning that we place on it that makes it feel big or huge or like no big deal whatsoever.  In the law of attraction, they say it’s the same amount of effort to manifest a paperclip as it is to manifest a castle.  Now there might be some extra time involved, maybe, maybe that’s a story, however it’s really important to know that across the board, the general consensus is, its’ the meaning that we place on things, and the story that we place on them that actually we are getting ourselves in the way of what it is that we want to create.  So, if you’ve got a story and you’re recognising it, I want you to think about something that might be really weighty, that you want to actually create.  Like maybe you want to meet someone and get married one day and it feels like the hugest deal because you’ve never met someone that you’ve really liked before and you’ve had a pretty bad string of people in the past. Or maybe there’s something financial that you want to achieve and it feels really really huge because you’ve never believed in yourself to be able to create huge financial abundance.

Perhaps there’s a big win that you want to have because you’re an athlete and you’ve never won this thing before and you’re making it a huge, huge deal to get in there and do the same thing that you’ve done in every other tournament or game except this one has a bigger trophy or a bigger meaning or a higher…Maybe you’ve got a story around your self-worth about winning.  I know I used to do that for sure.  Once you can let go of these stories you can see things for what they really are and break them down into really small sized chunks and then just go for them and ditch the drama.   And it’s super fun.

So the first thing I want you to do is think about what it is that you want and if there’s a story around not knowing, just know that that’s a story and write down the stories that you’ve got around why you can or why you can’t do it.   The second thing I want you to do is stop and take a deep breath and then I want you to look at every single thing that you’ve just written down and say to yourself “that’s a story, that’s a story, that’s a story, and that’s a story” and just cross them all out.  Now the final step is really interesting.  The final step is to be willing and what I mean by that is to be willing to see this differently.  Now, as I said before, a miracle is a shift in perspective and if you think that it’s going to take a bloody miracle to create the thing that you want to do, then a shift in perspective is just what you need.  So asking yourself “I’m willing to see this differently. How can I see this differently?”  You start inviting new opportunities, and circumstances and people and experiences into your life that allow you to start seeing your stories differently and letting them go.  And really this is all that it takes.  Because when you let go of your stories, you let go of the heavy weighted meaning and you free yourself up enough to break things down into tiny little chunks and get started on what it is that you want.

So, what is your story?  I want you to write to me in the comments below and your dare is to tell me what your story is and just write afterward “I’m willing to see this differently.” And I think you’re really cool if you do that because it’s very very brave and its allowing yourself to completely just let go of things and not hold onto them anymore.  If you want more support with this I have a Beautifully Unstoppable Starter Kit.  If you’re one of my tribe members you’ll already have it. If you’re not then come and sign up with and you will get that for free along with some other cool goodies.  Other than that, thank you so much for watching.

I’ll see you next time, Bye!!!

“But I don’t know what I want”.

“No, I don’t do that”

“I don’t know how”

“But no one has ever done it before, I think, maybe, I don’t know, I actually have never looked.”

“I’m a Mum, when am I going to have time to do that?”

“I have a full time job, and a husband, and a dog. I don’t have time to do this.”

“Cost too much money, nah!”

“My kitchen is messy.  I can’t start until my kitchen is clean.  In fact I can’t start until everything is clean. In fact I’ve got a few things I need to pay off before I can…I can’t start yet, like there’s things I have to do.”