Stop Feeling Busy and Start Leading


From busy and invisible to on-purpose leader.

You’re the type of person who will create their world to make things happen.

Opportunities roll in when you’re on fire.

You want big things, and they go a little beyond what many people you encounter understand.

You also have a habit of being busy. Too busy in fact to get to those big things a lot of the time.

So when do they happen? How do you get from making your pipe dreams a reality? Even when you’re living a pretty amazing life?

Well, I’m about to show you. It requires allowing yourself to go from good to great - and only a rare few are willing to live their lives in this way - but truthfully anyone can - and when you do? you experience so much magic.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Enjoy this video - and take my dare at the end!

The more you are willing to say no to what’s not 100% in alignment with you, the more you open yourself up to experiences that are an absolute Hell yes. 

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Are you the type of person who feels busy a whole lot of the time? Someone who has big dreams and a lot of goals and a lot of desires and yet you've also got a lot of things in the way of those desires, like things that you have to achieve in this life are things that you feel like you have to complete or do before you can really do the thing that you want to do? Well, today I'm going to talk to you about something that's going to simplify everything and have you stop feeling busy for good. And the word is a line. Now alignment is about recognizing and being clear what it is that you want before you have the distraction of other people's opinions and of marketing and of what others put on you that make you feel like you should want something and it's about knowing what is your original desire your truth connecting to that and then understanding and giving yourself permission to have the experience that if it's not 100% it's not it at all.  So it's either in other words a hell YES or it's a NO?  It's either  100% in alignment or it's not. There are two phases to getting here:

  1. You want to be clear what it is that you want. So perhaps you're going out and you're looking for a new place to rent or a new house to buy or perhaps you'd like to bring in a new relationship with someone that you can be with, perhaps as a business venture or a business project or a mentor that you're looking for or an experience that you want to have. The first thing to do before you start go searching before you start looking around at what's available and what's possible because that is actually the thing that stops us from having what we want is this conditioning that we can only have what's available, what's appropriate and what's affordable what's achievable or what's what we think we can have based on what we experience before. Before you go out and do the search you have to sit down and say OK what's my original design? What does is it that I truly want for myself?  What are the qualities that I want to experience or embody or have in this next venture whether it be a relationship or a house or a project it doesn't matter. You do this all the same for everything. Get clear on what it is that you truly desire. And again I'll reinforce not what you think is appropriate, not what you think is affordable not what you think is acceptable or achievable what you actually desire.  That's the first step. And most people don't do it because we subconsciously start searching for what it is that we think we can have.
  2. This is where it gets fun and scary at the same time is to have a hell yes or no mentality. This is how you get what you want. This is how you stop being busy is by going OK. It either aligns and what I mean by aligns it's 100 percent yes or it's a no or not yet.

So you take your little list of big list and you go out to the world and you start being in the activity of your life you start searching you start dating you begin the project you start moving towards what it is that you want. Now in some cases you have to build like in a relationship you can't just hold up the list against someone and go oh no no you don't meet my checklist and of course I'm not saying,  It has to be someone who's told Doc and handsome and looks a certain way and has a certain job I'm talking about real qualities things that you want to experience that don't have a face, it's feelings but you take your list and with the things like businesses and relationships you monitor is this a hell yes? Is it a hell yes? Is it a hell yes? And you might get a few nerves and you might get a few yeses and you allow things to grow. Just like with a business it's not going to be a million dollar business in the first year or in the first day it takes time to get to know. Same with another human being. But, in most cases you can literally take your list and say does it along with this list. And if it does do it give yourself permission to go for it because it's something that you truly desire. And if it doesn't it's a no.

Now this makes life super super simple because here's why when you're going for the things that you actually really do want not the second tier affordable, acceptable, agreeable, achievable whatever version of it. But the thing that you actually want you become energized from somewhere else you get your energy from the universe you get your energy from source you get your energy from somewhere outside of you when you're going for things that aren't fully in alignment with what it is you want it's very easy to burn out and feel foggy and not feel good about what you're doing and it doesn't last a long time. And what happens is even if it's slightly out of your comfort zone even if it's slightly scary and it feels a little bit impossible when you have that energy that's coming from somewhere else and you're truly inspired. It's truly the thing that you want you get supported. You are the type of person who will get into flow. You know the type of person who creates their world to make this happen. Because it's what you truly want and what you find is that when you connect with your true desires you become very supported to create then things just happen. Opportunities roll in and you just keep saying yes even though they're scary because it's connected to the thing that you want and you can make it happen. But if it's not a hell yes it's a no. So it makes life very simple by saying no to the things that are not 100% in alignment with what it is that you desire and who you are and what you want for this life. You create space for the things that you do. So you have extra energy, extra bandwidth, extra reserves for working on the things that you truly do desire when they come up because you're not working on the things that you don't desire anymore you haven't made commitments to be busy working towards things that are second tier and not really what you want. Something to think about.

So number one get clear on your original design what you truly truly want for yourself before you go out and make the search.

  • Stay connected to intuition.
  • Stay connected to what makes you feel expansive
  • Stay connected to what gives you energy

Secondly, go out into the world.

  • Be in the activity of your life and monitor. Is this a hell yes? Because if it's not a Hell yes it's a no.
  • And the more you're willing to say no to what's not 100 % in alignment for you. The more you are opening yourself up to have the most magnificent experiences that are 100 percent a hell yes.

So I have a dare for you. I want you to leave me a comment below this video and I want you to tell me number one what you truly desire? What's the next thing that you're going for? Even if it feels scary to say even if you've been told your whole life that it's selfish for you to have what. You want I want you to write down exactly what it is that you want and just let me know underneath if there's something that is in alignment with it or not in alignment with it in your life currently so leave me a comment. Thank you so much for watching. I hope this video has helped you and inspired you today. If you know someone who's looking for more alignment in their life and they could take a few minutes to watch this video then please like it and share it with all your friends. I really hope that you have an amazing time creating a life that is truly in alignment with you. I'll see you next week. Bye.

As always, Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.

Love, Hayley x x

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